Tmall to push international big businesses Tucao do the wedding dress for others

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] April 25th news billion state power network, the day before, Tmall and Tmall are to promote the implementation of strategy, these new international brands occupy the most important position of resource activities in the April 21st Tmall new fashion. The move to break the original Tmall brand structure and marketing environment, causing the attention of many businesses.

in the new fashion Tmall venue can see, the first screen is all C&, ASOS, A; TeenieWeenie, M& S and other international fashion brands, at the bottom of the page is the domestic brands and online brand display location. Revealed a brands to billion state power network, the bottom of the page online brand placement is later added.

Tmall new fashion activities to international brands, domestic brands and the original brand completely distinguish the display of some of the business strategy caused dissatisfaction. Tmall can be in accordance with the tone and style of design and fashion to distinguish the brand, but can not be treated as an international brand. Tmall should look for high-quality brands, but the strength of the brand should come from the consumer’s identity."

most businesses do not believe that Tmall push international brand strategy problems. But Tmall’s new fashion event will showcase a distinguished international brand logic allows many businesses feel scared". The core of the platform is the key to let consumers have the right to choose, rather than pushing a strong brand."

in addition to businesses reflect, before the start of the event does not understand the specific situation and resources in the event, Tmall just said there will be a large amount of resources. "Now we have to ‘guess’ the way to plan the entire activities of the stock and investment, there must be a lot of businesses due to the wrong judgment of the activities, resulting in a loss."

it is reported that from 2013 onwards, Tmall began to try to promote international brands and lines in a variety of promotional activities under the big name, but these international big name sales are not as expected. Analysis of the industry, mainly because of these big international business focus is not on Tmall, the platform and then positive, and the brand is not active to achieve good results.

in the new fashion event, Tmall enthusiasm for international brands seem to suffer again. On that day in April 21st, only a ochirly international brands to enter the top five women’s apparel sales. The online brand although no good display position, but the top ten in the sales, online brands still occupy half of the online brand, Korean homes have clothes become women ranked first.


April 21st Taobao and Tmall women’s industry data

international brands in the Tmall promotional activities, whether it is in the stocking, selection, price settings and services, etc.." There are businesses that Tmall simply do not dare to let the international brand and original brand competition. "The original brand is far more enthusiastic about the activity and the adequacy of the preparation."

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