Standing on the shoulders of giants summed up Taobao shop home decoration experience

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gossip home page,

this is some suggestions to our art design for the home page, some things to know, but can not say it, especially in the school on behalf of the search, thank you very much for the strength and Hetian two people, let me clear a lot.

because of taking into account the art do not know much about online shopping, wrote a lot of gossip, think long brother, directly to see the black character. I hope you give advice.

first of all, we want to clear, what is the purpose of the home page?

is for customers to remember shops, including shops, style, merchandise category, commodity prices and other basic information; the two is to allow customers to be provided by US Route in the purpose of click on the home page, improve the rate of the two jump.

transposition thinking, if we are customers, from a commodity into a shop, the first is not to see the goods (here about a loss rate jumped behind, we will not lose), jump in the case, we read this item, click the owner will place similar goods, recommend advertising map or do not love the shopkeeper recommended similar goods through the store classification search of similar goods or would click on the owner placed other interested us advertising map, or click on the home page.

here we draw a conclusion: at home there are two types of customers, one is only a product page customers, one is a commodity page or page or other activities of customer classification. Continue in-depth analysis, only to see a commodity page of the customer, we can say that he is a target customer; see a number of pages of the customer, we can say that he is a target customer.

of course, can not be divided so clearly, because you may related sales do not do well with classification, target customers browse a page to go home, you may do advertising to attract people to the target customers click on some advertising links to the home page (here I ask a question on the back).

so, first of all, we should divide the target of home decoration directly into two categories: one is the target customer, the other is the target customer.

well, we know how to deal with the home is what kind of person is an antidote against the disease.

The first step of

, both for the target or target customers, the home must complete the task is to tell the customer, the shop name is what, what the main commodity, what style is probably the number of commodity prices, what promotional activities, highlight the brand or product quality, store promotion, improve the trust sense.

home page my suggestion is to decorate the following points:

1 shop name is clear, do not let the whole thing too artistic things people will not see a half

2 what the main tell customers

3 according to the merchandise shop style, don’t

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