Chef strategy or a new engine of Haier

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After the integration of the United States GE

, Haier will fully force the kitchen electric field, is committed to becoming a global leader in kitchen electric". This is not just a simple event, but a matter of a 30 year history of business expansion and strategic upgrading.


in the past 30 years, Haier firmly occupy the ice, washing and air white products leader, product line covers many countries around the world. Most of the time, Haier is not only the home appliances, but also the pronoun of Chinese made. In the United States, Germany, Japan, India and other countries in the home appliance market, from the end of the economy to high-end luxury products, Haier and its brands are firmly occupy the first position. As a result, Haier was selected in 2016, China’s 500 most valuable brand, becoming the world’s most valuable brand.

Such a

from the brand and sales are leading the company to do now, kaijiangtuotu, electric kitchen leader. What is Haier’s confidence and determination of


powerful combination

A part of the

family as an electric kitchen, Haier has integrated the fisherand and GE layout, "Chef" strategy.


the latest integration of the United States GE full name Ge Corp, founded in 1892, was the United States and the world’s largest technology company. The GE is the predecessor of Edison electric company founded in 1878, is the inventor of a great reputation. As a result, the United States is synonymous with GE invention, manufacture and lead.

in 1906 began producing electronic cooking equipment, production in 1910 the first electronic stove oven, set up in 1922 cooking school, until today, GE is a leader in the field of electric kitchen. In the United States, high-end home cooking electric power is used in the United States GE, especially some successful men like to use technology to fully enjoy the United States GE home cooking time. U.S. GE kitchen electric market share in the United States, more than 32%.

After the

2016 Haier integrated GE, Haier brand advantage and settling of the GE has a long history of culture and technology, and finally came to the kitchen electric field force – but this is not enough, Haier also integrates a fisherand, this is a New Zealand luxury brand, western style kitchen design concept 120 years of history and the Western lifestyle precipitation.


+ GE+ fisherand combination, not only is the joint brand, technology and culture, but also in Western culture. With the integration of the three major brands and precipitation, Haier finally have reason to have the confidence to win the world leader in kitchen electric title.

group operations

at the 2016 Qingdao electric fair, Haier launched its own heavy series of kitchen electric products, such as steam baking machine, for the first time

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