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2014 is destined to be the year of awakening of rural O2O market. The electricity supplier giant moves frequently, have across the board layout of the O2O market in rural areas, and the logistics company also encroach on rural channel advantage by virtue of not resigned to playing second fiddle, O2O. Ali Secretary of the country’s 100 County convened a meeting in Hangzhou, announced that we want to enter the electricity market in the county, to guide the township of the three or four line by hand Amoy single. Jingdong is a "whitewash tide", to guide the rural market from the cognitive. SF is set up to support the fund internally, encourage SF internal staff to the towns set up agency site.

Ali Research Institute, the latest research report shows that the proportion of rural online shopping in is still low, accounting for about 8.6% in 2013, but the proportion of growth trend. But the popularity of the Internet has steadily improved, the number of users in rural areas continues to rise, by the end of 2014 the rural online shopping market will reach 180 billion yuan, in 2016 will exceed $460 billion. From the perspective of the development trend of e-commerce, the value of customer contribution in rural areas has begun to surpass the second tier cities. With the advance of the urbanization process, the new generation of regional market in the county in the rural areas mainly, will become a regional electricity supplier wrestling contest.


rural O2O staking movement has been like a raging fire, but really sink to the township is crossed more threshold. Rural O2O still faces a variety of difficult landing problems. The major giants are currently trying to be effective although the road, but from the perspective of rural consumption habits and economies of scale, it is clearly not feasible at this stage of rural electricity providers. It is foreseeable, who can find the most rural market can hit the pain point O2O, who will be the next big.

rural O2O landing problem

China has a vast territory, the rural population accounts for 1 billion 400 million of the population of 56%, more than 50 thousand administrative villages. This is a market wide, and there is great regional differences, the development of rural O2O not only needs huge investment, but also need to have enough patience to control the market.

first is the difficulty of selling. Rural sellers, online display their own agricultural products, easy, so that buyers to buy their own products, it is not difficult, it is difficult in how to control the cost of logistics. In fact, this cost is difficult to control by themselves. At present, due to labor costs, road toll, policy and other factors, China’s logistics costs have been high, which is very heavy component of the export of agricultural products is a great test.

is a problem again. Rural Taobao buyers, press the button to pay online without effort, but he bought things can not smooth, fast to reach their own hands is not easy. Because the road facilities vary, causing uneven traffic conditions in rural areas; and because each county and township covers different towns and villages, distance, town and village of the distance is not the same. So, because of the cost control, the courier company basically is "helpless to rural buyers".


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