Analysis of e commerce operation flow

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use the network as a platform, in this platform to carry out operations and sales, to achieve consumer online shopping, business transactions between businesses and businesses that is e-commerce. As the concept of e-commerce in the continuous development of the Internet, the concept is constantly improving and improving. Today, we do not discuss the concept of e-commerce is what, remember to buy things on the Internet is OK. We are in the study is how to sell products and services, sell more, sell well. Network marketing is the time for me to do is not short, some friends want to e-commerce to do this, I ask what is the electronic commerce process ah, how should I go to work, and so on, so today I want to write out their views and share and discuss. I think that if you want to do e-commerce or e-commerce operations, you need to pay attention to the following seven points:

first: business platform to build

levy needs to build the foundation of the construction of the same e-commerce platform also need, no platform can not carry out all the work of the next. So what is this platform? The answer is: Web site to build a network marketing functions, based on this platform to carry out e-commerce. As for what kind of Web site has a network marketing function? This topic I will talk about the next time, this time to explore the operation of e-commerce links and processes.

second: product positioning

in fact, I feel ready to do e-commerce before you have to consider this issue, you must first consider their own products or services to be prepared to do what products do products and other issues. Positioning a good product, in this position to consider the next promotion marketing plan. Do not do a good job in the positioning of products or services can not be very good to carry out the next step.

third: network marketing and promotion

has a platform, with the product and positioning of the product, then we have to consider is how to let people know there is such a platform to sell such products. It needs to carry out network marketing and promotion work. This step is very critical for the electricity supplier is also very important, most of the success or failure of the electricity supplier depends on this link. Because network marketing is the core of the electricity supplier.

fourth: the establishment of brand credit

as for the establishment of brand credit, most of your network marketing to achieve. It should be noted that, first of all, you need to consider the construction of the site when these issues, first of all, to show the integrity of the brand and the brand on the site. The establishment of this brand requires you to achieve unity, long-term, uninterrupted impact on Internet users. Do not ignore the word of mouth publicity on your credit rating and the role of the brand oh.

fifth: customer relationship maintenance

when the operation to a certain stage, there will be a lot of new and old customers, this time in order to enhance the customer loyalty and repurchase behavior of their website, >