Taobao women’s category double 11 double 12 detailed rules and gameplay

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2015 women’s clothing for KA merchants in Xixi Hotel held a double promote the seller communication conference of the". The meeting brought together more than a thousand Taobao sellers, nearly 400 KA merchants attended. The main overall trend of the 2015 women and big promotion are summarized; and with 12 as the breakthrough point, introduced Taobao category on the dual 11/ 12 detailed rules and gameplay; for activities may encounter the problem as well as part of the business of the individual problems, Taobao small two answers one by one, the atmosphere is very warm.

in order to make more unable to attend the business can understand the relevant information on Taobao women, the following will be the main content of the meeting with the majority of businesses to do a share.

a, Taobao women’s overall trend and big promotion overview

1, quality, tonality is the main

2015 Taobao women’s two direction is quality and tonality. Quality, the target population for the age of 25-40, for 80, 70 after the crowd. Quality, service as the basic requirements for the protection of the brand, the endorsement to solve the problem of rapid consumer purchase, rest assured that the purchase of Taobao women’s Amoy Amoy brand. Mainly including manufacturers direct supply, quality, quality Chinese + building. Tonality, the target population for the age of 18-29, for 90, pan 90 like the way, the establishment of a new shopping guide model – wireless, community-based, photo. In order to expand mining and find more themed shops, mainly is the newly launched IFashion, the wireless terminal has been on the line, the PC will today (9.15) comprehensive on-line, the first entrance will be to grab new carousel. Look, purchase records, etc. the trend of Reds hall will be presented in the end of IFashion PC.


2015 women’s growth significantly, advantage gradually: All flowers bloom together. and difference. The new store shops, fresh play emerging, traditional manufacturers, foreign factories gradually joined, Taobao market transformation, Tmall, Jingdong and many competing products will be more and more big difference trend.

2, light business warning lights

hand wash in the industry entrance ratio has been underestimated, micro Amoy traffic is growing rapidly, but the performance of businesses in the wireless terminal needs to be strengthened.

this year is the biggest change in the year since 2009 Taobao women’s clothing, competition is not limited to store operations, businesses need to face more new market competition, mainly for three points.

first, but also the core – product. Any successful shop, the product must be the core, the product must have the core value, whether it is the supply chain, or quality, must have their own value.

second is the maintenance and operation of old customers. Recent media reports of the Reds shop, is the most successful case of the maintenance and operation of old customers, old customers many of these shops have become fans of customers. Old passenger camp, a direct impact on the shop every time new, big promotion, sales activities.

third is stream >

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