Jingdong mall and other businesses were complaints super low commodity into a gimmick

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in the first quarter of this year, the city consumer protection committee accepted consumer complaints 25974, down 3%, a decline of 0.94%, involving the amount of goods and services of $133 million. Complaints from the hot point of view, network sales and prepaid card consumption is more prominent, which involves the Carolina textile, Carrefour, shop No. 1 mall, mall and other well-known business Jingdong.

reporter learned from the city Consumer Protection Committee, in the first quarter of 8719 complaints for the goods category, accounting for the total number of complaints of 33.57%; service class complaints for the total number of complaints, accounting for about 66.43% of the total volume of complaints in the first quarter. City Consumer Protection Committee involved in network sales, network access services, a total of 3984 complaints, compared with the same period last year, the admissibility of the 2144 rose by 85.82%, compared with the previous quarter received an increase of 28.52% on the 3100.

from the consumer complaints reflect the content, mainly in advertising, product and service quality, logistics delivery, customer service service, the performance of the more prominent is the unilateral breach of contract, an excuse to cancel the order business problems. There are many websites to "zero", such as ultra low-cost advertising to attract consumers, consumers wait for orders, and attacked, to the web site before and after the abnormal price synchronization, Taiwan information transmission, disconnect the test page error uploading, system failures and other excuses unilaterally cancel the order, causing several groups complaint.

It is reported that

, the complaints involving businesses including: 0 yuan textile, Roley textile shop Carrefour website 1 yuan of small household electrical appliances, 1 store mall super cheap and Tian Yuzao, Jingdong mall 1 yuan group purchase tourism, boshiwa 365 mall 0 yuan 0 yuan of talcum powder, shower gel and so on, due to unfulfilled netizen group rights.

in this regard, the city Consumer Protection Committee believes that consumers and businesses on the Internet once the order is established, both sides have a contractual relationship, the business performance must be in accordance with the law, no matter the site without any problems, businesses are self maintenance responsibility, not as a pretext for the violation of consumer rights.

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