nnovation leading third party payment enterprise development security issues of concern

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              reporter Xiao Yang with the people’s Bank of Chinese "non-financial institution payment service management approach" rules for the implementation of the official release, the third party payment business license issued countdown. Not long ago, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China Liu Shiyu in China electronic commercial draft system recognition and business promotion seminar said that the traditional financial industry payment system has been unable to meet the requirements of social development, the third party payment organization has begun to take shape, represents the future direction of the expansion to a great extent. The people’s Bank of China will issue a "payment business license" to some of the third party payment organizations that meet the requirements and conditions.

license issued for the industry, not only to promote the standardization of the industry, but also can be seen as a turning point in the development of the third party payment industry. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of finance payment Research Center Director Cao Honghui analysis, the key point to obtain the "permit" and can not survive, third party organizations to obtain long-term development, must have their own sustainable profit model. This means that the payment industry has entered into a service, innovation contest.

Market: rising space will be opened

third party payment license issuance marks a complete change of third party payment market environment: business scope is not legitimate, operation management and risk control ineffective enterprises will be restructured or delisting, the left will be competitive enterprises. This also opens up a more imaginative space for the third party payment market outlook.

In fact,

plays an important role in promoting the transformation of traditional economic information and accelerating the growth of new economy. According to Analysys International data show that with the deepening of the third party payment enterprises in aviation, insurance, education and other market segments, the third party payment market in 2010 is expected to easily break 1 trillion yuan.

June 2010, the people’s Bank of China issued a "non financial institution payment service management approach", clear requirements of third party payment companies need certificates". The same year in early December, "non financial institution payment service management implementation details" officially released, the people’s Bank also announced that the third party payment system to the importance of organizing the issuance of electronic payment licenses, access to electronic payment system, promote each other together with other payment organization.

Cao Honghui pointed out that the people’s Bank on the third party payment institutions management approach designed to regulate the third party payment market rules, not the judgment of the third party payment companies can survive the standard, the future for the third party payment "license" business if its profit mode problems, will be out of the market; on the contrary, no gain "the license of the enterprise to find suitable for their own development path through its own reform and innovation, will gradually be included in the policy permits.

with the introduction of the third party payment management implementation details, as well as the license will be issued, electronic payment >

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