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happy network ( is estimated to be stupid, just recently returned home, two days before I entered the page or in a resting state, but I just go have shown that happy net is building ING, it seems to have two happy net.

query the domain name of the Whois, showing that the domain name in the thousand oaks. Now, happy net loss of this domain, you say happy 001 will not be renamed As someone else’s child, estimates are not happy happy net now. apparently no input shortcut, convenient memory. Good happy net, because the domain name has become the topic of people laoke. At leisure said in the happy, happy net here seems to eat a whole. If the happy network does not change its name, then, will be his eternal pain.

I think happy network in addition to the name change, you can also change domain name. For example, for and so on, are still a good choice, do not know how happy think. The change of the domain name or name is inevitable, to do a station, happy net second, do not know the first happy net how to take the next step.


SNS website SNS concept is innumerable, very noisy, if not happy net to take this step, happy net future worrying.

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