Product customer network B2S shopping to stimulate consumption to win users

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group purchase, auction, not through low-cost seckill, to encourage and stimulate consumption, the Internet increasingly developed, various types of e-commerce sites to emerge in an endless stream, leading the trend, represented by Alibaba B2B, as the representative of the C2C, and as a representative of the B2C excellence, Dangdang, have led to the development of Chinese e-commerce market, and made a great example for Chinese e-commerce.

in the network market is down today, the new e-commerce model is constantly play his important role in the network the day last year, with a simple win huge market, here today to communicate with everybody is the product of customer network brings hope to share B2S shopping mode. And my superiors.

product customer network, a little-known web site, has its unique mode of shopping on the Internet to share DiCaprio, launched only half a month, every day only 20 yuan fee, registered more than 5000 active members, more than 1 thousand. What attracts a large number of consumers.

with this issue, the reporter interviewed a senior member of the audience on the Internet, Mr. Lee, from the product line on the network to continue to participate in the activities of the network launched a variety of activities, and access to a lot of fashion goods. Lee is an advertising company planning, very early contact with e-commerce, can be said to be the first batch of users of Taobao, China’s e-commerce market can also be said to be very understanding. When it comes to product network model, Lee issued a surprise: this model is too attractive, the real value is to create value for users, can be developed.

, according to Mr. Lee, the product has a lot of quality products every day to launch activities, is a kind of sharing spirit. As we all know, a value of thousands of luxury goods, a lot of people can not afford to buy, there is no plan to buy. But in the product customer online, can help you achieve your dreams, product is off network through the crowd to contribute my own mode to win consumers chasing. For example, the mobile phone market is the most popular ihpone4, is the dream of most users. But for the wage earners, if you rely on their own strength to buy a nearly 6000 yuan of mobile phones, but also failed. Therefore, product customer network provides a platform for many love iPhone4 friends gathered together, we jointly funded, and funded the money just to buy a iPhone4, and then according to certain rules to pick a lucky users in advance to enjoy, and yet not lucky users will also get the right by integrating the commodity inside the mall super low price.

according to the introduction of Mr. Lee, the reporter issued a question, the site will not be in order to allow users to get goods cheating?

Mr. Li said: No, all the activities of online product customer goods, target number is limited, if your own participation, then the corresponding reduced income, and eventually is who can be lucky, but also by all participating users to decide.

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