The Jingdong recall VS where the door to apologize

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In addition to Jingdong

recently mall "recall door", is the guest "apology door", then the vice president of CEO, to have to apologize". To understand the Internet hype tricks view, "the mysterious buyers", "apology", "dispute", "mutual scold" so that ordinary businessmen do not understand the tricks in the Internet the most incisive, never. For example, a mysterious purchase of a million diamonds in a diamond B2C mall to buy goods, the relocation of the warehouse resulting in delayed orders issued a deep apology to start the amount may be up to one million compensation program, etc..

remember the beginning of 2010, because the warehouse relocation Newegg issued this letter of apology, I was in Southern China where the region’s largest fashion B2C mall also had this experience. Now look at the letter of every guest, let people instantly feel. Plus today read the "Jingdong mall is really don’t understand the logistics service?" Bowen, although this blog is Jingdong "delivery upstairs" later, can let a person worry is not "understand the logistics Jingdong" day to "warehouse expansion inconsiderate to order processing delay." apologize "must start compensation scheme?

wrote here, really doubt that cried all day "logistics is the line of life and death" to the B2C mall, especially the Chinese occupy B2C market share of more than 20% bigwigs really don’t know how to express in the media, do not know how to do the preview work, do not know what conditions such as processing orders and analysis the following preparations!

?We first take a look at how

in the so-called "letter of apology" content:


: Hello Eslite user.

in the past week, VANCL has experienced both in Beijing and Guangzhou warehouse relocation. After the relocation, warehousing operations from the original area of VANCL, less than 20 thousand square meters, up to 100 thousand square meters, the relocation of large engineering. It can be said that this is VANCL since the establishment of ground moves one of the biggest projects. At the same time, the temperature around the overall rise, VANCL continued growth in orders.

unfortunately, originally in order to enhance the customer experience of warehouse relocation, but because the inconsiderate, resulting in tens of thousands of orders since May 19th to delay delivery, I see the user complaints related to this in more than 98%. The anger and resentment and helplessness, puzzled, emotion and language, though, make me uncomfortable and sad.

Dear customer, I am here, for this event to cause inconvenience and disappointment, solemnly apologize. Please forgive me for not replying to all complaints. And look so the event affected customers who can believe the ability of VANCL correction, and continue to enhance the customer experience determination.

in the first quarter of 2010, every day to visit Eslite customers, two customers have been close to 80%. Are you from this support, less than three years have, a light > today

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