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was established only over a year of fresh electricity supplier platform in Shanghai, a table network came news of the collapse. According to the "Morning News" reported recently, the headquarters is located in Shanghai Minhang District a table tennis Zhuan road has been deserted, the APP mall goods shelves, customer service phone is always busy.

September 20th, the "daily economic news" reporter repeatedly call for a few days but no one answered the one table network customer service phone has been switched on, the other staff said, the company is making adjustments, the temporary closure of the fresh buying function, or the future will launch.

September 22nd, according to the above one desk staff said, the reporters came to the Shanghai city is located in the Minhang District Zhuan Xing Dong Lu a table – Shanghai pick taste Trading Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as trade pick taste). Reporters on the scene saw that it was the morning working hours, but the door was closed, which stopped a van, but there is no staff around.

it is understood that before the one table network to suspend operations, vertical fresh "delicious 77" has fallen, the modern service provider "fruit orchard every day" in the area closed line stores, with more than 100 thousand users of the mobile platform "fresh fruit help" in August also announced the closure of……

although I do not know a table to make adjustments to the network is for what reason, but the current situation is fresh electricity supplier is an indisputable fact. How to survive, mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore, the first hurdle is blocked in front of many fresh business entrepreneurs.

APP app can’t shop

recently, the "Morning News" reported that the Shanghai people have found, before buy fresh food one table APP mall goods shelves, customer service phone is always busy, had to do the shopping card can not be used.

in order to verify the above statement, September 17th, reporters visit one table network found that the website shows only a two-dimensional code image above the text display, search for "one table" download, followed by scanning the two-dimensional code, enter the APP mall to download the "one table".

The application of

at the top of the page shows the recommended recipes, delicacy, guide the three column, three columns of each of the following shows the relevant articles, but can not buy goods mall column, then the reporter according to a table in the APP customer service phone call, but the phone is not answered.

"daily economic news" reporter noted that a month ago, "one table network" APP is still Apple mall software update. In this update, the netizen comments in the app store: "the latest update, not to buy things, show error product"; another netizen called, "no mall entrance, how to buy things?"

public information, a table network was established in June 2015, by focusing on the consumer industry Private Equity Investment Firm Kai Ming Investment, the operator for the Shanghai pick taste Trading Co. ltd..


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