The most dangerous road across thousands of miles of Jingdong opened up the world’s toughest online

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December 13th, Medog County District of Linzhi City, Tibet autonomous Moinba Raj home people bustling, relatives and friends have come to the onlookers next door neighbours, he bought a new refrigerator. Raj, by the mobile phone in the Jingdong store bought a refrigerator, was sent to the. The refrigerator is not the rare thing, just before no matter which website, distribution range of bulky goods are not including moto. Cousin from the Internet to buy a refrigerator, was sent to the." His 17 year old cousin Tsering Phuntsok rubbed the refrigerator, can not help but sigh.

is to sigh, this refrigerator has a special experience: Midnight over 5000 meters above sea level 3000 meters high mountain and steep, through "the most dangerous section of Sichuan Tibet highway, thirty kilometers an hour to move along the cliff, falling under the wreckage of a car traveling through," the most dangerous road 11 days arrived in the hands of consumers consumption. This is also the world’s most difficult online shopping delivery itinerary.

which is China’s large import business platform – Jingdong announced the day before in the mall, we opened in Motuo, Ali electricity distribution services, as once the China last Medog County inaccessible by road — received the first online shopping appliance. This means that China’s online shopping bulky goods can be delivered in the most inconvenient transportation Tibet County, but also marks the further improvement of China’s electricity supplier logistics capabilities.

in Motuo County, remote location, environment geological disasters, was in China last October 31, 2013, the county road, Zamo highway (Motuo highway) officially opened, becoming the last China County road.

Motuo Kangri mountains south across India ocean, in the warm moist air flow on the windward slope, strong convective weather caused heavy snowfall in winter, snow line altitude of only 4300 meters, compared with other parts of Tibet is much lower, more than 4000 meters above sea level is still part of summer snow, prone to avalanches, ice collapse. The summer heavy rainfall, annual rainfall of 3000 mm to 5000 mm.

according to statistics in 2013, the opening of the new line total Medog highway landslide, collapse, debris flow, flood, avalanches and other disasters of 425, average per kilometer of up to 3.6, and most of these disasters disposal is a worldwide problem, even if the opening road always faces the risk of short circuit, Medog highway also known as "the most dangerous road". Therefore, in the country has been regarded as the norm of the online shopping delivery, in the county can deliver is only small items, all electrical items distribution of the appliance’s Web site has not been included in motuo.

but first order online shopping appliance service, to some extent, means that once the "plateau island" has been completely incorporated into the "Internet plus" in the world.

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Jingdong to help logistics team, they witnessed the first online shopping appliance service Medog, also experienced the most difficult road of online shopping in the world,.

at 3:30 in the morning of 5013 meters over the Mira pass – Lhasa to Linzhi

Raj is a local county >

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