Rookie lift 5 strategic veil in the next year the city reached 50

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May 28th news, today, Tong Wenhong said the rookie network president in Hangzhou Cooperation Partner Conference rookie, rookie will be driven by big data, focus the synergy with partners, in the implementation of express delivery, warehouse distribution, cross-border, rural and post 5 strategies together.

is reported that the rookie network has achieved global logistics network, will be achieved in the year 50 cities nationwide". The future goal is to serve 24 hours in the country, the world will reach a total of 72 hours.

Tong Wenhong speech at the rookie Partner Conference

in terms of courier, rookie has launched a number of large data products based on the entire business chain. For example, the joint High German maps and large data processing of the 4 level address library, can match the consumer’s address to the specific distribution of villages and towns; promotion of electronic rookie single side is expected to become the basis of express company information.

Tong Wenhong told billion state power network, the rookie cooperation to promote the express business data, as well as layered products and services; at the same time, to establish a good market order, help the courier company bid farewell to the price war.

in the warehouse with respect to its five parts through the country, the establishment of intelligent backbone network, to help businesses improve the efficiency of warehouse operations and distribution, reduce logistics costs. Rookie network president Tong Wenhong revealed that the rookie will achieve 50 cities in the country this year, the next day service.

in the cross-border logistics, has achieved the national postal information direct rookie, synchronous set up overseas positions, to the export of services to the global market. It is reported that the imports and tact, DHL and the Russian postal and other partners, jointly opened a number of imported line, carry out bonded stocking model in Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Ningbo and other cross-border pilot; at the same time, also the data docking with dozens of overseas logistics company, cooperation in direct mail line.

it is understood that this is a rookie by building a global network with Ali’s globalization and rural strategy.

for the rural strategy, rookie network and Shanghai Vientiane, landing with the company, and Chinese postal cooperation, in Ningxia, Guizhou, Jilin, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong accessories, etc. the realization of "city county to the village two logistics services. The relevant data shows that this month, Amoy village coverage area of about 20% orders in the same day or next day delivery.

in the city and the post construction, residential property, entrepreneurship and xishiduo chain stores in the main city cooperation, operating more than 20 thousand rookie Inn, to provide comprehensive logistics services for people living.

It is reported that

, future rookie post is a nationwide "last mile" express network.

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