Alibaba first and then plan to Europe and other overseas markets in Asia

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Alibaba in the overseas markets such as India and Japan’s success, B2B e-commerce model advocated by the Alibaba has a wide adaptability, can not only meet the Chinese domestic demand of small and medium-sized enterprises, and has developed country like Japan and India this emerging market of small and medium-sized enterprises approved, become the dominant Asian model of B2B electronic commerce.

at present, the Alibaba has China in Japan and India, three of Asia’s most influential country success, which means that the Alibaba has dominated the future development of Asian B2B e-commerce.

for Alibaba, India and Japan are only part of overseas expansion, Alibaba plans in the United States, Europe and other overseas markets, such as the depth of expansion.

in fact, in March this year, Alibaba has expanded the size of the United States, the staff doubled.

under the influence of the economic crisis, the decline in corporate profits began to affect the growth of enterprises, the global buyers want to use e-commerce to reduce costs and improve efficiency. Alibaba with many years of market development in the accumulation of platform advantages and resource advantages, perhaps the most urgent needs of SMEs, the best platform choice.


consultancy iResearch data show that e-commerce network significantly enhanced the survival of enterprises competitiveness, with the characteristics of electronic commerce to reduce transaction costs and improve transaction efficiency, shorten the remittance time, expand the scope of sales can effectively enhance the competitiveness of small and medium-sized enterprises, the use of electronic commerce online of small and medium-sized enterprises in the global economic crisis last year the survival rate is higher than the traditional line of business 5 times.

in terms of cost, e-commerce enterprises in the use of e-commerce can greatly expand its market space, closer business trade space, compared to the traditional trade, due to distance and the cost reduced by 80%.

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