Liu Jian online travel the world short rent at the initial stage will not step into group purchase

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August 7th news, with the U.S. housing rental site Airbnb and HomeAway valuation and revenue data continue to rise, online short rent mode began to have a number of followers in the country. SouFun’s short rental platform world tour last September formally set up on the line, according to SouFun COO, who is responsible for the world tour Liu Jian revealed that the world has now visited the 150 thousand sets of short rental housing, covering nearly 300 cities. Liu Jian believes that the current short term market is still in the initial stage of development, but it is certain that the domestic short rental mode will not enter the footsteps of group purchase.

online rent short, refers to the landlord or housing operators through the Internet channel information and price free housing release, have to travel or other short-term tenants living needs housing related information, and browsing information communication and realize the rental transactions. Online short rent mode is a typical representative of O2O, the core is online booking, payment, and then to enjoy the service line. Online short rental website for landlords and tenants to provide online communication and trading platform, the Internet and offline idle housing combined.

short rent model originated in the United States, located in the tourist of a connection and idle owner website Airbnb in 2008 by Silicon Valley incubator YC in peel, with every kind of accommodation information for users, 2010 Airbnb valuation of more than $1 billion, and was named "Silicon Valley in 2010, the fastest growing company; and Airbnb par HomeAway is focused on a family holiday group housing rental market, through continuous acquisition of first-class tourist sites, HomeAway is now the holiday rental housing the world’s largest online service provider, has a vacation house number more than 600 thousand, the total revenue reached $230 million last year.

online short rent mode of Chinese followers

The success of

pushed the two companies to join the domestic followers, 2011 rent short scale model is introduced China, love daily rental, such as the United States, I live the way home, short hire a website to appear in succession. At the same time, Soufangwang, Ganji and other Internet enterprises were also launched independent short rental website travel the world and the ants short rent, enter this budding market.

for the world to travel, backed by SouFun this home’s largest real estate home portal, so that it has more innate advantages. SouFun COO, Liu Jian, director of the world tour, said the world has now visited the 150 thousand sets of short rental housing, covering nearly 300 cities, these deployments are largely dependent on the integration of the original resources soufangwang. Soufangwang original housing rental stride is short rent, whether there is a correlation is one of our primary consideration, "Liu Jian said," but the two platform business support each other and reuse of resources, there is no conflict."

in addition to the relevance of the business, the short-term rental market outlook is another important consideration Soufangwang decided to get involved in this field. Liu Jian believes that the user >

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