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mobile payment startup Braintree mobile business department general manager ancu · (Aunkur Arya) who recently wrote an article pointed out that the United States market concern 10 popular e-commerce startups. The original text from the science and technology blog site, from Tencent science and technology translation. Ancu · the main contents are as follows: Ayatollah

in Braintree, we love with various sizes of Companies — including billions of dollars from small to large automotive application developers revenue of e-commerce company etc.. But what is even more exciting is that the new e-commerce companies have completely changed the way people shop. However, is still the focus of the current media reported that large e-commerce companies, such as Uber, Airbnb,, Hailo and Hotel Tonight, in fact, in the U.S. market, entrepreneurial e-commerce companies are increasingly high head, can not be ignored.

the following is what I think in the next year is worth the attention of the top 10 e-commerce startups.

1, Luvocracy

from San Francisco

sites such as Pinterest and Wanelo can help users and brands to better promote the influence of unique products. Luvocracy follows this unique model, allowing users to buy all the goods they see on the site, without the need to re point to the original business. Luvocracy can help consumers to handle all affairs, including looking for the best price, delivery, and provide 30 days return policy, in short is to provide users with end-to-end shopping experience, in our view, Luvocracy may promote the whole social business revolution.

2, Zumper

from San Francisco

find the apartment is a very troublesome and frustrating. Zumper uses a novel approach to subvert the traditional rental market, Zumper is mainly to provide the latest rental information, and seriously clean up and provide information that is important to the classification. Although Zumper has been subjected to protests by some homeowners protesting the Zumper’s disclosure of their information on the web, it is clear that some of the housing market information on the Zumper website is not available on the Craigslist website. In addition, Zumper also focus on the mobile business as an important channel for the communication of landlords and tenants, which we feel is very important.

3, from Austen, Dezhou BeerGram

just imagine, if your friend is tired after a day, if you are on your way home, you can send him a nice glass of beer through an application

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