Baidu electricity supplier heart dead on line Baidu MALL mall

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in the eleven war is about to start on the occasion of the recent test of the electricity supplier failed Baidu recent low-key on-line Baidu MALL mall. According to the official introduction of Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu MALL is positioned in the high-end quality of its electricity supplier, Baidu,, the introduction of high-end domestic and foreign well-known brands settled, and only directly cooperate with the official brand. The target customer is 25-40 years old, the pursuit of white-collar bourgeoisie and middle-class family of brands or high-quality goods."

is not difficult to see that the search giant is going to hold the high-end brand "brand again reached the electricity supplier in the field, after Ali Taobao, Tmall, Tencent to the Jingdong, whether it is in the strategic consideration or the purpose of profit, Baidu involved in the electricity business is very necessary. Not against all expectations, started to search Baidu electricity supplier in this path is not smooth.


2008, Baidu launched the "ah" online shopping platform to build C2C business platform, similar to Taobao but Born Under A Bad Sign, compared with Taobao was founded in 2003, has apparently missed the best time to enter the C2C, but can shut down the online retail business in March 2011. Since C2C go, Baidu tried to enter the B2C business in January 2010, announced a $50 million joint venture with Japan Lotte cool days, online retail business mainly engaged in clothing appliances such as food stores. But in April 2012, the music cool day mall official website announcement means that Baidu electricity supplier dream shattered again.


is defeated, but it is worth noting that Baidu two previous efforts have focused on the mainstream group, do not know the high-end users, especially whether the purchase of imported goods in Baidu MALL can make this big hit a turnaround? In addition, except from Baidu MALL, but Baidu recently layout the electricity supplier (especially cross-border movements) has been very frequent. In mid September, maternal electricity supplier honey bud "announced a $150 million D round of financing, led by Baidu; last week, the cross-border electricity supplier about" self announced a new $30 million round of financing investment, which can also see Baidu figure. However, the current situation from the industry point of view, and now the domestic electricity supplier market has been carved up almost, so Baidu to invest in electricity providers, perhaps a better choice.

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