Rural electricity supplier is the inevitable way for the development of Rural Urbanization

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with the support of national policy, the rural e-commerce platform is directly rooted in the rural terminal services in rural areas, the three rural service landing, so that farmers become the biggest beneficiaries of the platform. I look to the countryside, taking rural business services to farmers, development ideas to change the traditional city electricity supplier, stand on the issue of farmers’ perspective, the Wu rural electricity supplier penetration in rural areas to accept a higher degree, the majority of farmers are affected by the convenience and benefits of Wu rural electricity supplier shopping.

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, rural electricity providers in rural areas to eliminate the difference in the rural areas will be isolated and backward, the electricity supplier industry forefront of the wind over the countryside, enhance the whole life level and development level in rural areas. To help foreign investors to enter the local market and local farmers to develop the domestic market, and the agricultural market and dynamic express, business opportunities, product information release, etc.. At the same time, the development of China’s rural electricity supplier business model, but also conducive to local people to start their own businesses, driven by local economic growth, cooperation and win-win situation.

it is understood that the Wu rural electricity supplier placed shopping terminal in rural towns shops, farmers can be convenient to go shopping in my business of rural electricity supplier terminal in the shops, after submitting the order, within 72 hours only need to wait for the goods payment. The convenience of shopping has greatly enriched the farmers’ shopping needs, the rural electricity supplier in China for rural road traffic control can also make the goods faster to reach the hands of farmers. Stand in the angle of the farmer, not only can save a lot of time and energy, but also can increase the shopping channel, many in the past is not easy to buy goods through our business of the rural electricity supplier terminal will easily buy, can greatly improve the quality of life of farmers. Therefore, no matter from the ease of use or distribution speed, gradually developing our rural electricity supplier in taking a stroke above the major electricity supplier in the rural market in the battle.

Wu rural electricity providers appear their tentacles extend to the country every store, the salesperson of the canteen business science by us taking rural electricity supplier, the clerk of each canteen has become the most peripheral Wu of the rural electricity supplier "promotion", when farmers to the canteen to buy goods, you can order products in my business of the rural electricity supplier platform through the store clerk, and then by taking our rural electricity supplier logistics merchandise to the canteen. In this way, the whole business model of rural electricity supplier in China is consistent with the traditional consumption patterns of farmers, and the electricity supplier has been removed from the strangeness of farmers. At the same time, the shipping address by broad and complex rural streets to the limited canteen, but also greatly reduce the Wu rural electricity supplier operating costs, maintenance of the Wu rural electricity providers, canteen and farmers in the interests of three parties, so by the farmers love.

Wu rural electricity supplier is so popular with people, the most important is that it really based on rural areas, respect and utilize the farmers’ consumption habits, consumption psychology and consumption ability, to farmers to bring real benefits to farmers.

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