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I am not a developer, until one day to become a iDoneThis CHO gradually understand the circle. Every day immersed in the circle of science and technology, part of my job is to communicate with them, to better understand their pain, improve their happiness index. My previous career as a lawyer with the circle is obviously eight pole could not beat.

as time goes by, I found that the developers have to do the work of programming with my business interests have a certain degree of rock climbing.

entrepreneurs and climbers are advancing into uncharted territory

hackers usually have the mentality of the game, in their eyes to satisfy curiosity is far more important than the rules, and they are often clever to bypass the rules. They love to explore, encounter red tape or barriers, they will choose to climb over or through. The climbers have been looking for vice versa, cliffs, caves, and deserted mountain.

when my brother was exploring a place outside the map, or climbing with his bare hands, he called himself "adventure climbing". Only in front of the addition of a adventure, which means that he is unknown, the challenge of the rules.

from the perspective of climbing, I see Hacking as "adventure computer-ing".

programming and mountaineering essentials similar to

programmers and climbers are successful in the same way. First of all, you have to find a problem that can arouse your interest. The starting point of the developer’s work seems to be to solve some of the problems that can make them itch. As the Dropbox CEO Drew Houston said: "sometimes I feel that it is a impulse or obsessive-compulsive disorder, unable to think about something. So I have to study it." To find such a problem is the best way to study.

climbers also need to be attracted to a problem – a mountain, a cave, a fault, a tower, or even a stone, with curiosity to find a way to overcome obstacles. They are confident that they will be able to tap into the potential of their bodies as well as to understand such problems.

in order to be successful in startups, they have to emphasize the "hard work" – let go, even if it is possible to rewrite or rework. This is the logic of "early release, frequent release". Even if you are a novice, even if you are likely to fail. Even if the big company is trying, you can still do it.

So is

mountain climbing. Even if you are likely to fall, even if the route than ever before danger, also to solve the problem, you can learn from. As Eric Raymond puts it, "the most amazing and creative solutions often come from a conscious awareness that your perception of a problem is wrong." < >

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