Alibaba social lost SNS tide incoming electricity supplier was forced to give way

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twenty-first Century Reuters recently, Alibaba repeatedly transferred investing heavily in unfamiliar street, the parties to the Ali has been exposed again carefully conceal mentioning, but Wade social business clues.

B2B and SNS combination of product community commerce (S-commerce), like a hurricane swept the world, e-commerce forced to give way. From 2008 onwards, the Alibaba launched the YAHOO arena, love relationship, Amoy shopping, and a series of social products, but defeated, keep on fighting.

June 2012, Alibaba officially quit the HKEx, and announced the next three years, the focus of the development of the group from the increase in the number of users, to enhance the user experience in the trading platform to enhance buyers.

Analysys International analyst Dong Xu said in twenty-first Century, Alibaba is a business platform, the development and utilization of social products, to commodity and trade as the core, and the construction of commodity related system, rather than take the Tencent and micro-blog road."

community business tide struck

still remember thirteen years ago, Hangzhou Lake Garden Ma you, he said, to make the world’s best B2B Alibaba platform. Today, the market value of Alibaba has reached $28 billion, becoming the leader of China’s electricity supplier, the group’s chief strategic officer had said, what is electronic commerce, we are increasingly uncertain."

why not sure? Because of the tide of community business, e-commerce forced to give way.

Zeng Ming has said publicly, C2B in the future have a brilliant future, even subversive. C2B refers to the aggregation of scattered but a large number of users, the formation of a strong purchasing group, through the SNS social network, the demand will be passed to suppliers, in order to achieve customized trade. With the development of SNS network, the cost of aggregation is getting lower and lower, and C2B becomes feasible."

2011 Facebook investment banking giant Goldman Sachs $500 million investment, this year, the NASDAQ listed high, the market value of more than one hundred billion u.s..

Facebook flow was beyond Google, and led to a wave of F-commerce, simply, is through the sale of goods Facebook, there are three main types: 1, retailers directly set up shop in Facebook, which is f-stores; 2, e-commerce (electronic business channel) website embedded Facebook functions such as login, love, open map in 3, Facebook; into the entity shop (as in the dressing room can put photos sent to the Facebook on the fitting let friends comment).

subsequently, Pinterest like a hurricane swept across China, which is to provide users with online collection and share pictures of social service sites, currently more than 11 million 700 thousand independent visitors, second only to Twitter. >

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