Guangxi Department of Commerce and the leadership of his party to inspect a network of new items

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the afternoon of May 26, 2016, the Commerce Department of Guangxi and Guangxi leader Xu sharp "first Secretary of the" poverty alleviation Industrial Park leadership went to Nanning high tech Zone business enterprise in Nanning Station Network Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "one station"), to carry out the situation of the new group try fresh project work to visit, guidance.


visit the delegation successively to each platform station network’s office for a visit at the same time, the person in charge of the project and the operation of the exchange, focus on the test project and test planning for the development of fresh fresh.


it is understood that after a lot of market research, try fresh product positioning for high-end fruit, early by introducing Guangxi local fruit, packaging experience marketing on the platform, thus creating a light luxury positioning fruit, the products sold to the country. After the introduction of southern fruit will continue to sell to the north, South to the north into the fruit to sell, open the domestic market, will then introduce Southeast Asian fruit to sell to domestic, so as to form a high-quality domestic fruit electricity supplier experiential marketing system.


and the ultimate goal of fresh is expected to help farmers out of poverty, try fresh fruit grower is to provide a platform for the display, which started the visibility of products, market information transparency, farmers can also earn more money. Currently try a new platform has been formally launched operations, and with Guangxi, the first secretary poverty alleviation Industrial Park reached a preliminary cooperation.

fresh to a certain extent in the agriculture and e-commerce combined, the Internet plus application in the field of agriculture, solve the traditional fruit electricity supplier sales to help farmers out of poverty, through the electricity, this innovation has been the commerce department’s attention, has also received strong support for poverty alleviation and industrial park.

finally, visit the delegation of fresh stage of progress and the platform operation performance was affirmed and encouraged, try to create unique fresh fruit to the electricity supplier experiential marketing platform, help the rapid development of agriculture in the region of the electricity supplier. Try fresh is not only the innovation of experiential marketing, is the fruit of the gospel is the consumer expectation.


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