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this year at the end of 10, Zhejiang Zhuji pearl Co. Ltd. will read the specialty of information management and information system in the provincial capital of the senior Gon Freecss (a pseudonym) to court, because he shortly before the registration of the domain name, is considered to be a violation of trademark of the company "XX" series of cosmetics. In December 25th, Hefei City Intermediate People’s court hearing the case.

in August of this year, Gon Freecss spent 50 yuan in China million registered online www. cosmetics.Com domain name, access to the domain name management password and address. "Because we have been on the domain name of the professional courses, and our teachers in this area is very research, almost all of the students have registered domain names, I also catch up with the trend."

Gon Freecss in the domain name registration, domain name and related to his business had sent more than and 10 letters of E-mail, said it would like to sell it at the price of 25000 yuan of the domain name, the Zhejiang Zhuji pearl Co. no echo, the company also received his E-mail. According to Gon Freecss introduction, now his classmates are very popular to register the domain name transfer, but most are not their own use, but used as a way of investment, waiting for the appreciation of domain name companies are willing to buy or to get a return, as for the offer in the price just, but also with each other there is no intention to discuss.

October 8th, Zhejiang Zhuji pearl Co. Ltd. that Gon Freecss malicious domain name registration, trademark infringement of their company "X" series of cosmetics, Gon Freecss reported to the Hefei City Intermediate People’s court, asked the defendant was ordered to immediately stop its "exclusive rights to certain BF" trademark infringement, the cancellation of registration on the Internet "www. XX cosmetics.Com" domain name, and asked the court to confirm the "x BF" is a registered trademark of A Well-Known Trademark in China.


"I have no malicious cybersquatting this commodity name, here, I do not know this brand, is just a temporary idea to register the domain name." Gon Freecss admitted in court that the fact that the registration, but that the domain name is involved in their own private property, was also a public transfer, and not for the plaintiff a company, and the domain name and the plaintiff’s trademark is different.

the plaintiff claimed that the company operating the brand long time, selling a wide range of influence, just ignore the domain name registration, the defendant’s conduct violated the trademark rights of them, and the court said that does not agree to mediation.

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