Online education O2O platform to seize institutions or seize the teacher

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, an Internet celebrity God carved "on why the Uber was awarded the Nobel prize in economics" in the circle of friends brush screen. This article is about the discussion of the topic in the field of online car rental, but because of the characteristics of O2O industry analysis is deep, has also caused a lot of other O2O industry attention, and produced a lot of online education topics, one of which is O2O.

in the original article, God carved had changes in the Internet industry is divided into three stages: the first stage is from the media, the whole profit by the user reward, appeared in this period of YY education; second is from the commercial stage, what goods for Internet users, such as more than a painting class small soup although the loopholes, but there is always a group of followers; the third is from the era of brand, sell the complete craft, corresponding to the field of education is the education service platform, such as the network with whom to learn.

As a representative of

O2O online education platform, winning network and who learn with take a connecting line under the different way to open up the market, what is the educational institutions to seize the winning network, help educational institutions to achieve transformation mechanism under the mobile Internet era, the whole network marketing and e-commerce solutions, to provide consumers with more information products the transparent, with the best price to choose the most suitable products and services to win the education of users, or whom to learn to find a teacher whom to learn "teachets platform as the representative who learn with, to do in the field of education beaver home as the goal, cultivating star teachers to help users choose to self-employed. The teacher’s model is more in line with the needs of users? Or two will

the same thing?Millions of

education in the bulk market, there are only 640 thousand of the bulk of the Baidu account. Bulk educational institution holds a lot of teachers, students and parents trust the promotion channels, but problems in the brand communication and user search, although revenue can be long but it is very difficult to do. While winning network as a large platform for businesses to conduct brand endorsement, help them find potential users, according to consumer demand and feedback to help them enhance their reputation and quality, the implementation of the platform and the business win-win. The CEO definition of Dai Zheng winning network, through the O2O solution to businesses and users of information between businesses and users to build a transparent education platform, to provide sufficient flow entrance. Through standardization so that consumers and businesses to achieve docking. This definition is decided are inseparable, winning network platform and educational institutions and winning the "partnership".

mode O2O home so beaver teacher? As a teacher for endorsement, to maximize the benefits of the business platform for the teacher, to the intermediary must be the teacher for a great interest in the process of the task. Direct connection with the Internet technology teachers and students, do not have to go through the traditional intermediary, which is with whom the original intention. However, some of the teachers who are famous in the regional educational institutions often form a small range of star effect, the creation of personal counseling classes. This kind of teacher is based on the survival of the line between the word of mouth communication and regional teaching experience, once the scene will be transferred to the main connection unfamiliar >

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