Small sellers at 2014 Taobao also suitable for business

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I dark horse note; there is a Taobao entrepreneur once said: sometimes entrepreneurs like lying on the window of the flies, the scenery outside is very good, a lot of food, but it can not fly past. This is used to describe a lot of Taobao people, again appropriate. We see are the glamorous success stories, ear heard is a 19 billion 100 million "double 11", if Taobao is now the United States of California gold rush in the past, as long as can make a fortune, like. Now let’s take a look at the reality of what Taobao entrepreneurs say.  

Ma Yun founded Taobao, is not only a milestone in the history of China’s Internet, the Chinese people’s spending habits is also a huge change. Now Taobao is not only the first choice for many people to buy, but also a lot of people who want to start the first choice. But many people there will be competition, after Taobao also the third of an acre. Now Taobao is also suitable for entrepreneurship look at those who venture Taobao practitioners how to say.

case 1: young people entrepreneurial enthusiasm worthless

I was admitted by the end of 2011, 3000 yuan started, the first two years of Taobao’s bonus period, it is better to do, on the two Taobao C store turnover of about 2 million 500 thousand, earned about 600000.

is currently on Taobao’s business in the harvest period, inventory of goods about one hundred thousand. Last month, I decided to dismiss all employees, the next plan is to focus on doing another third party e-commerce platform shop. (before the Taobao C shop is 1 customer service, 2 days of pure packaged goods, plus my own 4 people, in season 2 additional package, a total of 6 people, the team structure, perhaps some people will feel very strange, but the actual situation is. ).

maybe you will ask me to earn money well, why not do it? In fact, there is no reason, I rely on intuition to judge, and the stock market in the same way, 3000 points to 5000 points, really good money, rose from 5500 to 6000, when the market is the most lively, is also the most dangerous. It’s time to exit.

for most of the industry, is now basically in the business of small and medium sellers are very unfavorable period. Of course, my judgment is not necessarily accurate. As a small seller Taobao, the pattern is small, less insight, talk about more subjective feelings, comments on behalf of personal opinion.

young entrepreneurial enthusiasm is not worth the money. Taobao often changes in the rules of the game, it is through changing the rules in the use of a wave of young people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm for their services, to help them make money. You are nothing but the wheat in their fields, and the purpose of your growth is to reap the harvest, to burn a fire, and to turn it into a new crop of wheat. Anyway, the new wheat next year and yichayicha long life and growth in nature.

has a sense of ambassador who are suspicious, Ma is a big flicker. Keep yourself awake, make sure the rules of the game, grasp the rhythm, or you are

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