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Sina Ali released micro-blog

version of Taobao

combined with social media business platform, the real drama began. The micro Amoy Cooperation (micro-blog and Taobao) as the representative of the era of social shopping, has just begun.

as a representative of the last ten years of the Internet tide, e-commerce after the development of over the past more than and 10 years, has changed the lives of billions of people around the world, to the continuation of thousands of years of traditional sales has brought a fundamental impact. Facebook and Twitter as the representative of social media, is the most influential in the ten years of technological innovation, contact the world through the internet. The smart phone as the carrier of the wireless Internet, so that science and technology across the PC restrictions, the real impact of every corner of life.

spread of social media dissemination characteristics, making it the best partner in the electronic business platform; and the electronic business platform for social media provides a realistic landing business model. Although the electronic business platform and social media are rising in the United States, but the real combination of these two is in china. Alibaba, the largest electronic business platform, the most influential social media Sina micro-blog, the two platforms to join hands for the future potential of social electricity providers to bring unlimited possibilities.

at the end of April, Sina, micro-blog and Alibaba reached a strategic cooperation, the two sides will carry out in-depth cooperation in the exchange of user accounts, data exchange, online payment and Internet marketing etc.. Alibaba to spend $586 million acquisition of sina’s 18% stake in micro-blog, sina will also be in the next three years to bring about $380 million of micro-blog marketing and social electricity supplier revenue.

Sina micro-blog announced cooperation with micro-blog, there have been a lot of users on the web page based on user generated content and web browsing products recommended. Users in the use of micro-blog I can see for yourself that may be of interest to Taobao in the right sidebar. But this is obviously the most basic advertising cooperation, taking into account the user experience and the real practical, Sina and Ali did not rush to release many new features, but after three months of exploration, in the depth of cooperation has taken a prudent step.

accounts, marketing, data and mobile elements, these four intertwined is the key business platform and social media cooperation; "micro-blog Taobao" version is Sina Alibaba and micro-blog two platform together in the most representative embodiment.

Internet era, almost every site needs to log in to account security, users and even need to set different passwords for important sites. The emergence of social media, to some extent, changed the situation. Foreign Facebook and Twitter accounts, domestic Sina micro-blog and Tencent QQ account, can already visit most sites, but did not realize the real exchange account. The combination of social media and electronic business platform, the real change in this fragmented account experience.

micro-blog and Taobao currently have about 500 million registered users, including the existence of a high degree of user coincidence. According to both

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