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recently, the China Electronic Commerce Research Center released in 2014 (on) China e-commerce user experience and complaints monitoring report. Data show that the first half of 2014 submitted by online, telephone, mail, WeChat public number, instant messaging and other forms of e-commerce platform for users across the country received a total of 50180 complaints, an increase of 21.32%.

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China electronic commerce research center monitoring data show that with the transformation of PC Internet to mobile Internet, e-commerce from the mobile terminal (such as the WeChat APP QQ mobile phone shopping, shopping, online shopping etc.) and other emerging areas of thinking issues have become increasingly prominent, has become the third largest consumer complaints focus in the field of traditional PC and O2O after the purchase group purchase, accounting for the total of the electricity supplier complaints 11.01%.

in this regard, the well-known online shopping rights expert, China e-commerce research center, Department of law and Equity Analyst Assistant Yao Jianfang said, a lot of mobile e-commerce in the WeChat circle of friends shopping, fake, fraud, gathering does not deliver goods and return to the problem due to the lack of business entities emerge in an endless stream, and both belong to the factors private transactions, WeChat shopping such "swindling" transactions frequently broke the rights difficult.

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Chinese e-commerce complaints and rights of public service platform monitoring data show that in 2014 (on) Chinese shopping network ten complaint website respectively for Taobao / Tmall, easy fast network,, shop No. 1, Gome online,, intime network, VANCL (including customer proprietary business and V+ mall), Luxuries 100, millet mall. And refund issues, network goods, false promotion, network fraud, quality problems, exchange goods, orders, delivery delays, account theft, customer service service has become the first half of 2014 " " ten online shopping hotspots complaints;".

With the gradual deepening of the network

buy this form of consumption, more and more new issues on the integrity of the electricity supplier and services put forward higher requirements. Data show that in 2014 (on) Chinese O2O/ group purchase ten complaint website respectively, handle network, beauty group, Like group, the group, public comment, Ctrip, 77 group purchase network, Wo Wo Group, blue wheat, eLong 2.34% be "". False and refund issues, group purchase group purchase, fraud, King terms, account stolen, slow delivery, group purchase goods, invoice, customer service, service quality has become the ten largest network group purchase hot issue in the first half of the complaints "".

however, behind the rapid growth of trade volume and the size of the user, also exposed, the electricity supplier and selling false promotion, unspoken rule, return account security and a series of problems. Jingdong such as, Amazon, shop No. 1, Chinese, and other large electricity supplier platform B2C has recently been discovered and selling luxury goods,, Lasafo were exposed and selling cosmetics, millet, Ctrip, Alipay and other companies are the user information leak, seriously affect the user on the site.

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