CCTV exposure of 24 tickets left HuaiAn Railway Station business cooperation door for money

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CCTV2 "news first time" reported that the 24 network group purchase coupons night left HuaiAn Railway Station.


many merchants come for money.

[TechWeb] News reported in November 16th, according to CCTV2 news "first time" reported that the 24 network group purchase ticket of HuaiAn Railway Station night empty, there are millions of merchant account pending, involving funds of hundreds of thousands, many merchants come for money. Currently, the police have been involved in investigating the matter.

earlier, according to friends broke the news, because the problem of arrears merchant settlement, conflicts between 24 coupon executives and staff, the company is referred to the existence of infighting, subordinate executives accused of misappropriating. 24 DeYang Railway Station station ticket in internal e-mail said: "you 24 tickets executives, please don’t make a person endless war, now outside comment on 24 tickets have been many, we don’t have the internal friction."

users also burst 24 coupons in November 4th CEO Du Yinan said in a message, November 3rd received feedback from a number of areas, said a 24 coupon former marketing executives in line to a large area manager telephone conversation as follows: 1, 24 tickets can not, don’t rush, self. 2, as soon as possible to find his way back, save brothers. In August 3, when he found something wrong, Du Zongpeng always quanqian, withdrawal. Du Yinan said: "remember, the truth will always be open and aboveboard, only lies in private Ascaris peristalsis."

November 9th, the media had exposed 24 coupons due to financial pressure on the settlement of the business, to make adjustments to the wages of employees in October. The specific contents include grants, October (phone + traffic + meal supplement), the company will not make payment in cash, and the replacement of 24 coupons issued to the balance of value. Total wages of less than 4000 yuan, according to the actual total wages paid; total wages of 4000 yuan higher than the 4000 in issuance, higher than the 4000 part to ease the pressure on cash flow, will be deferred in the next 3 months, the monthly payment were issued to 1/3.

According to the

24 coupon insiders, 24 coupons to adjust the structure of employee from the end of September, the country from 6000 to 5000 people have been laid off.

Du Yinan at the Techcrunch Disrupt conference has said that 24 coupons will be profitable in December of this year. (E)

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