Amazon accused of monopoly to dominate the use of suppliers

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according to foreign media reports, the electricity supplier giant Amazon recently due to involving the abuse of market leading position "by the media to the public opinion in the teeth of the storm," Amazon "and" Amazon is "two groups also conducted a debate. YAHOO website technology columnist Robert · Walker (Rob Walker) on the author analyzes he respectively summarized both sides of the views in the paper, and pointed out that this should be handed over to the market to solve the problem. The following is the main content of the article.

in May this year, Amazon with major publishers Hachette because of book pricing problem bukekaijiao. At first, Hachette accused Amazon deliberately raise its book price, and in the recommended reading list Hachette books in lower frequencies to suppress its sales, which in return for more favorable conditions.

after the release of this allegation quickly attracted attention, so a large-scale war of words in the summer curtain. Including American comedian Stephen Colbert (· Stephen Colbert), the famous writer Philip · Ross (Philip Roth) have on Amazon this behavior were attacked, and the Amazon and its supporters complained of unfair treatment by various media companies.

recently, "the New Republic" (The New Republic) Franklin ·, editor of the Journal (Franklin Foer); the author also said Amazon is predatory a "evil", everywhere left in ruins; it uses its economic strength, forcing suppliers to surrender its monopoly will reduce the diversity of the product the quality, and reduced the remaining.

so, whether Amazon really "evil"? For ordinary consumers, we should boycott in the Amazon shopping? Thanks to Amazon online shopping experience can provide high quality and inexpensive and convenient for us? Everyone for the answer may not like before, but make their own judgment in you, let me provide some facts for reference for you.

The view of

‘s "New Republic", think that Amazon is like the old monopoly Standard Oil Corporation as a monopoly market in the current electricity supplier, but its use is a new way of monopoly, have similar monopoly in addition to Amazon, Google and WAL-MART.

let’s put the Amazon is a "monopoly" controversy aside, analyze some of the deeper fore view. He said that 100 years ago, the judicial and legislation in the field of thinkers will focus on those large monopoly enterprises, the main reason is that these enterprises have an impact on other enterprises. And now Amazon is holding on to it

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