Cross border electricity supplier to bid farewell to the era of value added tax increase of nearly 1

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In recent years

has enjoyed national dividend policy of cross-border electricity market rumored a sudden change in the situation, cross-border tax reform officially landed. In March 24th the Ministry of Finance website news, the Ministry of finance, the General Administration of customs and the State Administration of Taxation jointly issued the "notice" on cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy, clear cross-border e-commerce retail import tax policy related matters, and on April 8th formally implemented.

according to the "notice", cross-border e-commerce retail imports of goods in accordance with the tariff and import value-added tax and consumption tax, the purchase of cross-border e-commerce retail imports as individual taxpayers, the actual transaction price as the dutiable value, e-commerce businesses, e-commerce trading platform and logistics enterprises can be regarded as the payment obligation people. This shows that cross-border electricity imports in post tax era officially ended.

previously, cross-border electricity imports parcel tax in the pilot city. Cross-border electricity firms post tax and general trade import tax in the biggest difference is that the general trade import to import VAT and customs duties, the import value-added tax is 17%, while the tariff according to the customs tariff, apply different tax rates of different commodities. Take this parcel tax two tax package together, according to the commodity category, there are 10%, 20%, 30%, 50% and four tax rates, together with the general trade import tax rate to be low, and the amount of less than 50 yuan, shall be exempted from taxes.

no longer imports of cross-border retail electricity supplier by parcel tax, means that these imported goods can no longer enjoy 50 yuan tax exemption convenience. Insiders told the Securities Times reporter said, after the tax reform of goods there will be 5% to 15% increase in the price, because the existing electricity supplier net profit almost no more than 10%, but the VAT increase of nearly 12%.

Another variation of the

cross-border deal of the personal tax, a single transaction of 1000 yuan from the previous limit to 2000 yuan, individual annual transaction limit 20 thousand yuan remain unchanged. Within the limits of the transaction is exempt from customs duties, import VAT and consumption tax relief 30% levy, beyond the limits of the part, according to the general trade tax.

launch of the new deal, which means that some of the electricity supplier through the malicious demolition of a single clever way to avoid tax, will lose the policy basis. At the same time, it will effectively guide the consumption upgrade. 2000 yuan limit, you can increase the customer’s unit price, reduce the cost of compliance. Stakeholders told reporters, after the cross-border tax reform policy implementation, the proportion of high commodity prices should be increased, and usually everyone choose low price goods.

in addition, the tax reform will create a fair trade environment at the industry level. Changjiang Securities strategy prior to the spring meeting, Guangdong ZhuoZhi supply chain company vice president Li Jinling said: "we may mention the tax reform, the first sight is to spend more money. However, as long as the tax is fair, it changed and what is terrible? "


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