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"kitten" "Ultraman" this express will not use the meng. The day before, the increase of shipping logistics network in recent years drug trafficking cases, the Municipal Public Security Bureau is actively promoting the legislative work, strengthen the real name system management of logistics delivery. Relevant responsible person said, referring to Dongguan Zhuhai, Huizhou two city practice, ask the sender to send the goods in hand than letters, ID.

express real name system topic recently hot friends. An online survey of 58 users to participate in the survey results show that 77.6% of users worry about personal information will leak after the real name system.


opposition: fear of disclosure of personal information

send a courier to take ID card, personal information leaked? "In the investigation, the majority of people are worried about the real name system will cause unnecessary disputes and losses.

people worried about Ms. Zhang, if after the name, phone number and even family addresses are real names, once criminals use stolen credit card, or do the crime of false identity who will play the role of


Master Hu Yue said, their monthly dozens of Taobao products, many need to return or replacement. In the online shopping often encountered in the case of information leakage, but he just let scammers use alias harder. She said: "don’t worry about the real name after the purchase record is in the use of."

"The biggest advantage is

online shopping can buy privacy items, and the future implementation of the real name system, it and go to the store to buy what is the difference?" engaged in legal work of Zhuang Heng believes that it is a kind of harm to personal privacy.

Pro: no longer worried about someone prank

survey, there are 13 people voted in favor of this vote. Zheng said the public: as a result of the relationship between the work, every day to receive a lot of parcels sent to meet someone prank sent malicious package. If the implementation of the real name system, you can ensure the safety of the sign."

in this regard, the Dongguan Municipal Public Security Bureau explained that the relevant person in charge, Dongguan plant more well-developed logistics industry, coupled with its particular geographical environment, more and more criminals to Dongguan as a transit point for drugs and the use of logistics distribution center, send hidden drugs. This concealment greatly increases the difficulty of the police investigators.

implementation of the ultimate purpose of the courier real name system, is to ensure the safety of express delivery, so that lawless elements and prohibited articles seamless drill.

express: real name system is difficult to operate

interview, the reporter found that the courier practitioners also questioned the operability of the new regulations. Practitioners 3 years of courier Liu said he had to contact an average of more than and 200 express every day, if every single check the identity card, open the inspection can not operate.

rhyme delivery Dongguan area a responsible person said: "hit show common customers.

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