Express market management approach the opinions of users with the highest penalty 30 thousand

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express a single online open outcry, lithium battery false general merchandise express aircraft…… With the rapid development of online shopping, courier with people more close, express outstanding problems exist in the market, from now until December 29th, the State Department of transportation on the "express market management approach (Revised Draft)" to solicit public opinions, which stipulates that the maximum penalty of disclosure of user information courier company 30 thousand yuan. Yesterday, Guangdong, a well-known courier expert to accept the Yangcheng Evening News reporter, said, to combat the disclosure of courier information, there must be a corresponding supporting measures."

leaked user information maximum penalty 30 thousand

recently, many public reselling express a single number website appears on the network, express a single number the cheapest 0.4 yuan have transactions, followed by the customer’s name, address and telephone number may be leaked. For this phenomenon, "draft" clearly stipulates that the courier companies and employees may not be engaged in the process of illegal disclosure of user information courier service that, in violation of the provisions of courier companies fined 5000 yuan fine of not less than 30 thousand yuan; the directly responsible persons fined 1000 yuan to 5000 yuan fine; constitutes a crime and shall be prosecuted for criminal liability.

, this provision is very meaningful to crack down on the courier information leakage, but must have the appropriate supporting measures to be implemented." Guangzhou express logistics and supply chain expert, Secretary General of the association of Jiangchuan believes that the current network trafficking express a single number and other information, some of the main Taobao businesses to brush drill to improve the acclaimed, which has brought the leakage of user information hidden. If this demand is not blocked by the network source, open outcry, single from the courier industry to combat high cost and also difficult to fully effective linkage mechanism need to establish a comprehensive attack.

suspicious items need to issue a security certificate

recently, due to the lithium battery for ordinary commercial aircraft express false reasons, tact, rhyme and a number of courier companies cancelled cargo agent qualification, causing the public to strengthen the safety management of express concern. "Draft" provides that courier companies should strictly implement the inspection system.

Business Express business enterprises can not determine the safety of suspicious items, users should be required to issue security proof of the relevant departments. Users can not issue a security certificate, not to send.

Jiangchuan said that to strengthen law enforcement in this area, the key is to prevent the reverse elimination". That is to strengthen the inspection, safety inspection and so on the need to increase investment in hardware and personnel, strict implementation of formal enterprises, high cost, and informal enterprises may not handle, low cost, may result in "who who suffer regular". To implement this, recommendations on qualifications, engaged in courier companies should have safety inspection and necessary equipment (such as X machine) and other hardware, to ensure fair competition.

how to sign online shopping can be agreed

"draft" provides that the express courier business express mail (e-mail) should be informed

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