Million glasses founder Li Changli domestic glasses retail 020 model is about to surface

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for the optical industry, the majority of people are often marked by the huge profits of the market, the fact that it is true that there are currently about 400 million people wearing glasses and the use of related products. While other close to one billion of the population can actually count as potential users of glasses, glasses market is large, we can not imagine. More and more families become glasses, both young and old are the glasses have a demand, it is very difficult to become the users want to have once again picked glasses. So glasses is a lifetime just need products, although the purchase frequency is not high, but the user base is large, the market demand has been rising.


The traditional

glasses industry, in addition to the same industry, the primary stage of most ordinary people understand the market for glasses is still in the beginning we said "profiteering label", this is actually a misunderstanding. How much for the glasses industry sales, cost, marketing operation, how to process the details of glasses, most users are still poorly understood. How to choose a good glasses, didn’t get a very good experience, the traditional glasses industry does have some shortcomings. At present, the domestic glasses retail industry is also trying to O2O model, but also to explore a number of opportunities, trying to combine the online and offline O2O mode allows people to re understand the glasses industry, subversion of the traditional glasses marketing model.

billion glasses as the first to carry out the electricity supplier of the road glasses brand, as early as 2005 has opened an online mall. Through years of exploration, has opened a store to the next line experience, online optician characteristics O2O. For the traditional glasses shop and glasses O2O mode, do a lot of integration and try. Here today to share my views on the traditional glasses shop for many years, and a little thought on the O2O model, in order to solve the user error, so that users know the new glasses O2O mode,

on the traditional glasses shop several core:

traditional glasses shop, give people a "profiteering label", a lot of the price is high because of glasses. A lot of people would like to consider the actual cost of a pair of glasses how much? Why is it so expensive, there must be a lot of profits. In fact, this is not the case, this is only the surface, and there are a lot of human and material costs. I’ll give you a few points. 1, prime locations, high rents. 2, the store area is large, there are generally at least 100-300 platform, the number of attendants far more than customers. 3, luxury decoration, I forget, a second tier cities in general optical chain stores, a square renovation costs about $3000, which is very high. 4, 365 days without a break, the lights, the electricity cost is also high. 5, the staff of the two classes of alternating, generally an optical shop 6-10 shift, the monthly wage costs are not small. 6, the product basically uses the consignment system, the purchase cost is high; the equipment investment is set about 100 thousand. 7, the daily trading volume is low, >

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