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07 year, someone let me learn web. At the beginning of 08, don’t cheat n times finally buy a domain name on a web site. In early 08 -08 in the middle of the year, I was doing Google Adsense Ali mother, GG did not get a penny, Ali mother got hundreds of quick money. By the end of 08, I graduated, the server stopped, the site closed, the heart is cold. Up to now, graduated from the University, the economic crisis, the work can not be found, the site can not be maintained, he was late. The new year, go home. After the end of the year to continue to go back to work hard!

one of my little wish: the first pay back home to buy a color tv. It’s hard to imagine anyone who is still watching black and white TV, I tell you now my home is watching black and white tv.

97 years my family moved out of the countryside, from the beginning of rent. 98 years, my parents went to Dalian, I lived in my home is a live 2 and a half years until the primary school graduation. 00 years I came to the parents of the place to live, read junior high school, they rely on a small business to maintain life. From dawn to dusk, a lot of bad crime. I went to college in 06 years. The university environment is much better than our home, I am very happy. Parents are also working. At the end of 08, I was looking for a job, an economic crisis, no work experience. Since I left the countryside, I have not lived in more than 20 square meters of the house, I moved home for the past 8 times, how many times my parents moved too much, they are too tired, I want to buy them a color TV, buy a house. Over the years to come back to work, I believe I can,

will rise head and shoulders above others!

was in a bad mood, write out comfortable comfortable. Don’t expect others to pity me, little brother on the point of support.

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