Enterprise market is not sexy Money is the last word

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Enterprise Cloud Service Box founder and CEO Aaron · levy (left) · and 500 Startups founder David mccoo (right)


Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram news is a booster, stimulate the size of venture capital and Silicon Valley startups. Instagram as the representative of the mobile Internet social networking startups have become the latest craze in Silicon Valley, long life in the media spotlight, even if these companies rarely profit, but it does not prevent venture investment boom.

but in another market, the same performance of the start-up companies did not get too much attention. They have established a clear business model, access to a stable revenue and user size, but compared with social start-up companies, the valuation of these companies seem to have been underestimated. Box, Slideshare and other cloud services company is representative of such companies.

In 500

Startups founder David · (Dave McClure); spend a view: focus on consumer market start-up companies is "sexy" (Sexy), and a touzu have attracted many users and investors, and then a class of small and medium-sized enterprises market positioning a company belonging to the "sexy" (Unsexy capable and stable), has not got enough attention; and this is his intention Unsexy entrepreneurship forum.

look at the list of companies he invited: cloud storage service provider Box, cloud application service provider Twilio, cloud file service provider SlideShare, social networking company Yammer, e-mail marketing service provider MailChimp, etc.. Spend a feel, in the Facebook market downturn, the economic downturn of the moment, do not burn these very real technology startups should get more attention.


is not sexy Business Forum" was born, in order to highlight the characteristics of these companies in the money, the venue the conference table with U.S. dollars from the notes and gold coins. But always love funny wheat library wearing $"$" logo glasses, and a rare use of foul language to do the prologue, "money business is worthy of respect, we need to earn money to his mother (Make Fucking Money)


technology start-ups, making money is glorious, this concept runs through the forum. At the beginning of the activity, ask the participants spend entrepreneurs, "everybody here, who is the company profitable please stand up". Rise of the 10 entrepreneurs to get a warm applause from the audience. Spend even with recently criticized Microsoft (micro-blog) CEO Steve · Ballmer (Steve Ballmer) kaishuan: Ballmer apparently do not belong to the kind of sexy.

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