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can be said to be two months ago, I had just graduated to find a job on the Internet every day, boring, but the time is too long is really very sad, her money every day a little, see will go out to beg for food, exaggerated.

want to make money, want to make money, a good idea to bring me into the ranks of the site above Amoy, look at it, that is my Sina blog Amoy account. It’s just a little more than a month. When the guest heard do not know what it is, but to the forum to see people write, look at other people’s income he would like to one day be able to achieve this achievement.

my guest began, want to do, but do not know what to do, they looked at a lot of predecessors said can be posted on the forums on QQ and so on, I think the blog promotion is good, began to find some blogs, but feel that the most suitable or Sina. Registered.

because of the time every day on the computer to find a lot of goods for shops, the next step is to improve the blog flow, just started the blog promotion do not, just go on other people’s blog to others, the effect is very good, also met some friends. The first income is only five dollars, but with more and more people, income began to increase. Then there was an average of ten dollars in revenue. Very happy, looking at their account income would like to do a good job blog. More income.

after a month of income also has three hundred, but because of the work to put down the things to work, may be less blog income, but in the process of doing very happy, learned a lot.

the next step is to do a website, so better to do promotion.

maybe many veteran very look down on this a few hundred dollars a day income, people have so much, but I think just days before the first month to do Amoy 4 heart is very good.

some people will only say that they do not have income in the forum, in fact, as long as their own to do, Taobao will not do not give money, the key is to do their own efforts will have results. Hope to have guest friends together, the next time I do the website to share the


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