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      web traffic exchange alliance is the platform of exchange between websites. Exchange rules are generally 1:1. In other words, your site with a click, then from other sites will bring you a click. The advantage is: the other site users will become your site users, you can double the flow! Some of the flow of the exchange alliance using a deceptive way, by the amount of deduction, or false clicks, to cheat the flow of personal sites, so that personal website owners suffer. The establishment of a pure, honest flow exchange alliance, so that the real benefit of the webmaster, is our intention to establish a computer website traffic exchange alliance. Hope that the webmaster and we work together!  

      join the computer website alliance, you can immediately get the following benefits:

      1, to become a large pulse network partners to share large pulse network PR=5, daily 80 thousand independent IP traffic.

      2, and other personal web site traffic flow, the flow of your website quickly jumped up to 2 times, 3 times, N times!

      3, to participate in the computer network advertising alliance program (August launch), direct money.

      4, on the part of the personal web site and its webmaster, the newspaper will be introduced or reported.

      computer report traffic exchange Alliance:

      flow switching center:

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