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      original title: Google AdSense recommended link 2.0- up to three recommended link group

      remember the Simon in a few days to the AdSense pay per action advertising to support Pay-Per-Action fan? I did not expect an article published on the official blog Inside AdSense published a few days later (Referrals 2 launches to all AdSense publishers) to inform all the AdSense website is recommended to connect 2 has been officially on the road. If your AdSense account has not been upgraded, please do not worry, the AdSense team said that the most complete within a few weeks to complete the upgrade. Simon’s AdSense account was upgraded to version 2 yesterday.

up to three recommended links

      today Simon is not recommended to introduce the link 2 version, because Simon’s AdSense account was upgraded yesterday, Simon is also testing this feature looks very strong, a lot of recommended links to the 2 edition. But in the course of the test found that the AdSense plan policy on pushing the rules have changed or may not have noticed before Simon, now recommend the connection group a page can only be placed three.

      Google AdSense planning policy – advertising location

      AdSense offers many advertising formats and advertising products. We welcome publishers to try to use a variety of locations, but please observe the following policies:

      – each page can display up to three ad group

      – each page can hold up to two Google AdSense for Search box.

      – each page can display three link group.

      – in addition to the above specified advertising group, the search box and link group, each page can be placed up to three referral group.

        because it is now recommended to link the 2 version of the ad model with AdSense for content is very similar, the difference is that the web site publishers can personally choose a specific product or a few

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