Examples of how to imitate other people’s bid to make money

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today I take tobacco partner for example say about how to extend the others in our bidding, Sogou advertising alliance, have seen a product called tobacco partner, selling price more than and 600, the expert inside and take a look at the name is PS, they are not what registered company, just a person to engage in.

1, since they invest in bidding, illustrates the point, present their advertising pages taken to promote the bidding is profitable, because their cost should be 10 yuan, and the profit of more than 500 yuan / piece. If we have the same kind of product, completely imitate its advertising page and advertising language, just for the case of the product, must have the same effect.


method, is to go directly to the Taobao search for similar products, the price of 10 yuan, and then talk about OEM processing, where the processing for hundreds of bags, to OEM in your name and packaging. This approach is certainly profitable, the idea is to imitate the profit of the advertising page, replace the product.

2, they are so good publicity, then we will certainly search the search engine on the product.

so I can make a web page, then I brush the keywords and partner, has been to the first brush, then I sell other people’s products agency. This is called rape keyword, is someone else to do advertising, we use the search frequency of other people’s ads, to go beyond their keywords, so as to achieve the purpose of their search engine traffic.

3, a product, as long as the promotion began, then there must be someone to search on Taobao.

so I can find someone OEM, and then sold a lot cheaper price than he was, waiting for someone to search on Taobao. Because these products are conceptual products, they themselves are the imitation of others, so you let him go for you, he is not in the mood.

4, you can search, hangover chewing gum, found that there are many in this OME process, then you can find the OEM production, and production of advertising pages, direct selling profitable projects.


1, imitate its products, imitate its advertising page, its promotion form.

2, the use of search engine optimization techniques, occupy their keywords, while occupying their search engine traffic.

3, the use of low-cost transfer on Taobao, occupy their Taobao market.

4, their imitation of each other’s products, but the product to complete the formalities, and then design advertising pages, in order to promote the form of profitable projects, so that more people to promote their own.

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