Taobao SNS Taobao has become a trend of how to change the customer in a timely manner

Posted on Posted inbkrzufat Amoy arena is a SNS optimization effective attempt of, although not perfect, Ma has also been explained to build Taobao ecosystem, "word-of-mouth marketing" can not be ignored, micro-blog interactive marketing advantage that Taobao SNS advanced the concept of thinking, Amoy arena crashed, too focus on shopping experience, new things always give people a lot of room to fall into a reverie once you have lost, can not get the kind of urgent psychological, shopping community needs, from Amoy arena, including Taobao or Taobao and Taobao 800 billion passenger face the temptation of goods, everyone wants a piece!
"the Internet is changing all the time!" Yesterday, still say to do so, the largest platform Moumou community website, portal owners Moumou, now already disappear without a trace site has been covered with weeds. Taobao customers how to face the challenges of more and more competitors, as well as Taobao’s own rules constantly repair change, as well as how to cater to Taobao SNS? The user experience is always the fundamental things, word-of-mouth marketing, user experience is the transformation of the way, the best is good, we will seize this point, do not deviate from the following changes. The development of
now most Taobao guest website, basically through the website and consumer dialogue and guide consumers to the Taobao web site click on the store to complete the purchase behavior. Taobao customers want to do word of mouth marketing, can only use the website >

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