Why giant companies lose innovation DNA The company is seeking

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| Steve · Blanco

, Professor of entrepreneurship at Stanford University

please hold the phone, hand up. Now, you can look around. Look at this piece of mobile phone in the ocean, you can not see the BlackBerry can not see NOKIA


similarly, I would like to ask you, how long have you not to rent a video tape, you will also use a paper map of these problems pointed out the changing world and your role in it?.

everyone has heard of the name Pete. He puts forward the theory of disruptive innovation. Inpet believes that capitalism is a process of evolution, new industries and new companies continue to emerge, the old things have been eliminated.

50 years later, Christensen, a professor at Harvard University, developed his theory, and described the operation process of the subversive innovation.

innovation will make the outstanding enterprises have been eliminated, new enterprises continue to rise, this change is the source of social vitality. Now, back to the phone.

7 years ago, NOKIA has a global mobile phone market of 50%, Apple has a total of 0%. But it was 7 years ago, Apple launched its first iPhone, and Google launched the Android operating system, since everything has changed.

today, apple is the world’s most profitable mobile phone company, while NOKIA’s global market share of smart phones has dropped to 5%.

fortunately, we witnessed the whole process of disruptive innovation. However, now many young occupation career is about to begin, people who want to start a business contact with this change unpredictably the merciless world face to face. Now I want to talk to you about how disruptive innovation will affect the business world over the next 50 years, and what it means for young entrepreneurs.

is more efficient than innovation?

let’s take a look at today’s global business landscape, China has become the world’s largest manufacturing base and one of the largest consumer market. Their Internet companies and start-up companies continue to emerge, and disruptive innovation. Today, China’s labor force has been very different from what you thought.

times have changed, and now the global brand is gradually losing control of the past, the physical channel is a virtual channel failure, market share and innovation ability has been compared is not so important, and the application of mobile Internet products all kinds of creative is devour the world.

has grown up with some of the seemingly indispensable things such as newspapers, bookstores, video rental, personal computers are being abandoned.

With the integration of China’s rise and globalization, the

digital trend has subverted almost every industry in the world. It is worth mentioning that the mobile Internet, electric >

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