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guess America’s most promising social network. Facebook? Wrong. Twitter’s wrong?. Pinterest? Wrong again. According to comScore’s latest survey of social networking data, in March, the San Francisco based Tagged service is not like other sites. But it is the only one in all of the comScore indicators that appear in the top two sites.

according to ComScore survey, Tagged users in March an average of 18 visits, second only to Facebook’s average of 36 visits. Tagged users visit the site every time, the residence time of about 12.1 minutes – only behind Tumblr (14.7 minutes), beat the Facebook (10.9 minutes).

co-founder and CEO of the Tagged Greg Tseng said the March ComScore data makes him very happy, just a year’s time, his company is ranked as one of the most popular social network of American people.

what is the secret of the success of Tagged, just a Tseng and his partner Johann Schleier-Smith in early 2008 to create the fulcrum".

2004, the old friends at the beginning of the creation of Tagged, positioning is to make it into a similar Facebook high school students’ social network. But later, Facebook expanded beyond the closed campus network and allowed people over the age of 12 to register.

"we take seriously study and think in the end we can’t win" Tseng said, "but we have noticed that many of our customers love with the function of Tagged" tags "to meet new friends, so as to give us a" pivot "into a new space, we known as the" community discovery ", people can use this website to get the new social relations.

and Facebook as their main website is different, the user is to establish the relationship between organization and maintenance of the line, Tagged functions as a "entrance" allow users to find romance or friendship on the internet. The site is designed to encourage users to build relationships based on common interests, tastes and preferences.

Tseng says ten million active users per month on average will build up to one hundred million new relationships for Tagged. The site has been profitable since 2008, in the past year, the staff increased by three times, now has more than 170.

community discovery is a newly emerging thing, so Tseng believes that the success of Tagged will continue to grow. He said: "in the next 5 or 10 years, ‘community discovery’ is going to be as big as social networks

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