SP market to meet the storm and adjust the proportion of SP adjustment into proportion

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once the scenery of the SP market, is about to usher in a new round of remediation storm. Reporters recently learned that since March this year, the joint operators in the country of SP service charges and fees for re inspection. At the same time, China Unicom and the proportion of SP will also be adjusted.

Unicom denied pushing the new deal

in accordance with previous reports, recently held in the whole network SP conference, China Unicom announced to the public SP its new settlement approach, the most striking is that most of the proportion of SP will be reduced from 80% to 70%. In addition, the new regulations also include not to renew the whole network SP contract, SP Company re access in the provinces; according to the actual settlement, the settlement cycle is extended by 3 months to 5 months.

"on the adjustment of SP into the message, purely blind biography." China Unicom official said, the company did not hold the whole network SP conference. The difference is that China Unicom, one of the friends of the whole network SP century has said it has received a notice, the new division will be implemented from April 1st this year, the official implementation. In addition, air network CFO Sun Hanhui in the fourth quarter of 2006 and full year earnings analysis meeting, said China Unicom requirements from the beginning of the second quarter, the proportion increased from 20% to 30%. Another large SP Sohu insiders said that this is still unknown.

China Unicom’s new deal, it is necessary to start in the near future." An unnamed insiders told reporters that the percentage may not adjust the way across the board, most of the SP from 8:2 to 7:3, CP 5:5 and AP 6:4 into the ratio will remain unchanged.

quietly launched the "strike hard".

just China Unicom adjusted SP is divided into the proportion of rumors to raise a Babel of criticism of the occasion, the new round of "strike hard" has quietly. The reporter was informed that from this month, the operators will jointly again at the national level of service fees and charges on the SP inspection. Check the contents will be mainly for all SMS, mobile Internet, voice magazine business.

it is understood that the purpose of this consolidation is mainly to consolidate the mobile information services business fees and charges last year, the results of special activities governance. Including the subscription service two confirmation, business promotion name or content and the actual content is consistent, whether to use the induced language, whether other aspects are difficult to unsubscribe from the focus of the rectification work. From the 5 day of this month, the provinces have been to the operators of the major SP issued a document issued in advance rectification warning.

, according to informed sources, the Ministry of information industry recently released the second bulletin, published a list of 82 illegal enterprises, SP among them, including the telecommunications regulatory agencies shall be ordered to suspend business for rectification of the SP 2 companies, each communication management bureau to investigate and punish the illegal SP involved more than 39 enterprises, involving many operators handle default SP enterprise 41.

The performance of

SP fell by

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