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rare today have time, but also a mood, suddenly want to write something, although to Admin5 time is not long, but I feel quite like here. Hope to know more new friends and old friends here, because already heard here, master clouds, ha ha.

from 2006 onwards, contact Wangzhuan has more than 2 years, from the most basic domestic hang, now do foreign PTC, gradually have some improvement, feeling very good revenue dollars. This more than 2 years of time, I feel the following points, share with you all! Wrong, please correct me!

1, pay attention to the body. The body is the capital of revolution, do Wangzhuan nine out of ten are owl family, learn to exercise, I feel this, it is easy to say, it is really difficult to make friends yo, I hope you can pay attention to it.

2, stick to the end. Adhere to the essential condition is to do Wangzhuan, and this reality is similar, many things, persistence is victory, "left" for the king.

3, choose the way. The higher the so-called ad dragons and fishes jumbled together, many tempting height, to polish your eyes, be careful. Those who could earn in the QQ group of tens or hundreds of so-called "sunflower", I never see.

4, good bring yourself. Keep optimistic attitude is very important, because some projects, even if you work hard, there are likely to fail, then do not be discouraged, give yourself a platform, but the project, there must be a new project in the waiting for you……

5, continuous learning. Online money is earned, earn it, and their ability to equate, some temporary speculative projects, may just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. If you want to continue to set on the Internet to fix the gold, strength is a must, to master learning into self-study and study.

6, honest and trustworthy. Although the network is virtual, but for users, especially the beginner, to take a realistic attitude to win the trust of others, will be sincere words first, guarantee letter word.

7, low profile processing. In fact, the network some real money master, most are relatively low-key, some of them, even the sites are not, tens of thousands of dollars in January There are plenty of people who can. my station, now every day there are a few dollars. The number is increasing gradually, after all, I was an amateur to do, to learn things a lot, there is still a long way……

feeling, and more disorderly, ha ha. Want to know more of the new and higher master……

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