Giant network CEO Liu Wei Nei women entrepreneurs four advantages

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giant network CEO Liu Wei

in China’s labor force is 46% of women, but only 20% of the entrepreneurs are women, entrepreneurship is not easy, the difficulties faced by women entrepreneurs even more. But China half of the sky are very aggressive, more and more women into the business in the army, and has achieved good results, for example, has won the entrepreneur "woman of the year entrepreneurial character of Gong Haiyan and Li Jing.

in June 22nd at the "Rose: EU women entrepreneurs day", the giant network CEO Liu Wei as the central EMBA alumni shared her in 20 years, has been involved in the giant three times of hardships but also the course of happiness, with experience and experience their own analysis of the advantages of women in entrepreneurship, in the enterprise management in the work and disadvantages.

Liu Wei joined the giants in 1992, when he was a small start-up company. In 2001, she began to fully responsible for health care products company, in 2007 transferred to the online games company has now. Liu Wei to participate in the giant venture about nearly 20 years, she fully participated in the three giants of the entrepreneurial process, experienced many difficulties and challenges, but also in the process, she also got a temper and growth, the whole process is a process of pain and happiness.

The first venture

giant in 1989, has been 24 years in Shenzhen, the earliest software giant card, this is a Chinese word processing software, then quickly achieved success, later made handwriting recognition software. We use the mobile phone is now a lot of handwriting recognition, the giants in 1993 when the software has done, and many state leaders to see the giant, giant shows this software. Later also made education, anti-virus, finance and other aspects of the software, so the giant should be the country’s first, the largest entrepreneurial software companies. Later with the giants of development, facing some difficulties in protecting intellectual property rights, so the giants began to diversify, from the beginning of 1994, health care products, medicine, real estate and other fields, the first venture giant in 1997 ended in failure.

giant second venture is at the end of 1997, the business is focused in the field of health care products, the product is the famous "melatonin", and the subsequent development of gold partner products etc.. The health care business has been going on for 16 years, until now is still in steady development.

giant third venture is the end of 2004, to enter the field of online games, the main product is the beginning of the journey. This time, from the end of 2004 to start the business in 2007 on the NYSE listing, took only three years. At that time, the NYSE listed is the largest development of a Chinese enterprise.

what are the characteristics and advantages of the female leaders in a startup? Liu Wei from four aspects

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