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is not the real pressure on entrepreneurs, but negative emotions under pressure. In my first two years, probably experienced eight life and death checkpoints, a particularly impressive impression. 2007 July, I took the team to do the expansion of the Inner Mongolia grassland, after returning from the sudden resignation of CTO received mail. At that time, the site’s system is not stable, he would have to leave with a few technicians. When the pressure to my body immediately a great reaction: breathless, like a big rock pressure in the chest; then will not laugh, do not even smile.

this pressure many entrepreneurs will experience, and has been, we have a consensus, there is pressure on the shoulder. You can’t go with investors complain, there may be a miserable result; not with customer complaints, especially when more money, more is to show in front of customers not bad money; you say no to subordinates, employees run how to do? In order to avoid expanding influence, even can’t tell family.

In fact,

really hurt entrepreneurs, not pressure, but the negative emotions under pressure. If you can not effectively resolve the negative emotions of the body harm is far beyond your imagination. Business in the past few years, I gave birth to three, fatty liver and a lot of problems in the elderly belong to the category of. Therefore, entrepreneurs face pressure when the emotional release is very important.

in 2007 after the crisis, I first restore the function of laughter. Because of the special love at the Northeast Errenzhuan, that night I will fly back home to see Changchun. The second day early in the morning to fly back to Beijing, the emotional opening of the general assembly. For me it is an effective way to relieve pressure. Since so, every entrepreneur is best found three "will start on the road".

An elegant

is the most important partner. The real situation to listen to each other, and the other party will be one hundred percent to accept you, such a husband and wife feelings better. You have a contract, there are families, there are feelings, she listened to your narrative, it is impossible to resign as employees, as investors do not vote for you, or do not give you the same as the customer orders. In fact, the wife is your last psychological harbor. Many people worry that this will put pressure on his wife, in fact, otherwise. She will become stronger, and can fully reflect their value, can help her husband’s career.

actually my wife is a very calm person, she is more stable than me. I can’t sleep at night, I went to the living room to read, copy copy "Diamond Sutra", she will help me pour a glass of water, or with me for a while. In fact, she was very helpful to me.

second is elegant man in the world of friends or women bestie. The boys should not be difficult to find, your investors, clients or subordinate. It may be a partner, but in the domestic venture, the probability of success of the two shares equally small. So it’s better to be a classmate, friend or child, not with you

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