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background note: blink alliance, also is the skin under a net content alliance, now by far the majority of owners owed wages for up to three months, and there were no signs of any preparation for the payment of commission, the official website of the customer service non-existent, for Adsense inquiries and questions ignored, responsible person also like the blink of an eye dead. The victim was

webmaster endless waiting and endless pain…You are still waiting for an

send us that our hard-earned money? Are you every day with a little tiny hope come to the official website of the forum to see what the official people can send money? Please wake up, blink has defaulted on us three months of hard-earned money, and no signs of that they will send money, they face our question, just ignore and endless flicker, recently advertised Pippi in Major League shows the full or offline, and shortly before the leather and it’s official address is embedded into the QQ toolbar. This shows that what the skin has to achieve his purpose of promotion, they no longer need us, they don’t care about losing our webmaster heart, because they are meant to make us automatically dispersed, and will not pay a penny. We have a wink and The relationship between skin is actually a relationship only, and is different from the skin and other advertising alliance, we think will know why, blink can be directly used Pippi video resources, because the blink of an eye is actually Pippi family’s pet dog.

webmaster brothers, this time we couldn’t have been so with hopes of pitiful waiting for a blink send money, we can’t let a wink and Pippi fooled fool, when we came to the forum website with hope and with disappointment from this forum, when we still desperately help Pippi propaganda, blink and Pippi’s officials are muzzled laugh we are a silly B!


we should do what, yes, we must do some what to protest and have been treated unfairly. In fact, we have to do is very simple, is to pick up the legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests, one might say that this is not a point, but we should pay attention to the nearest the so-called Internet giant Baidu is our legal made leather and scorched by the flames, his mother fart ah, sometimes we just don’t believe we can do it, in fact, as long as we unite, we can do it.

why some rubbish liar alliance can deceive us again and again the poor webmaster, because our webmaster rarely come together to make these crooks punished by law, so they will become more and more arrogant, more and more greedy, they are not so bold because their eyes are born without Wang Fa, but because we have not let victims see what is called Wang Fa, so they think there is no Wang Fa, so head head will always have so many clouds enveloped us, let us together to breathe audio-visual.

webmaster brothers

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