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is not called "frustration failure episode it just start on the road encounter, is a small stones in your way, you can put him away, can also cross the past, as long as the trip is good." Behind such a description, showing what Chen Ou? What is reflected in the 80?

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"80" is called "bitter force" generation. More than and 10 years of hard study, after graduation, but with unemployment, can not find work; find jobs, income is not high, can not afford to buy houses and cars; now many people still have old single, reduced to "left male 3S lady". Under such pressure, the embarrassment of life can be imagined.

"I hope no matter what, we still maintain an optimistic attitude, struggle together, do not be down by the pressure of life." In front of the 80 upstart, CEO Chen ou to 80 "". Sunshine, full of youthful spirit and passion, full of positive energy, this is Chen Ou impression, and this is what he wants to convey to the 80 information.

study abroad, Stanford University MBA graduate, returnees venture…… These experiences have revealed Chen Ou’s personality: unwilling to accept the arrangement, to play their own piece of heaven. He founded has now become a cosmetics shopping site many women welcome, his entrepreneurial dreams inspired many peers. "You" in Tianjin satellite TV program, Chen Europe with its handsome style to attract a large number of job seekers has become one of the guests impressed the audience.

"alive, is to change the world"

talked about the power of entrepreneurship, Chen Ou told reporters: in the past on the University of Standford, we have a business ethos: Change lives, Change organization., Change the world. That is to change life, change the organization, change the world. This style has a profound impact on me, entrepreneurship is also in order to achieve this goal."

In fact,

earlier, Chen’s entrepreneurial ideals have sprouted. "The third and fourth, when graduate soon, everyone is looking for a job, but I really don’t know what to do, I don’t want to continue reading, and then master and doctor after graduation to find work, so follow the prescribed order is not suitable for me. The story of the Internet inspired me, I also chose to venture." Then the fourth grade college, Chen Ou alone with a laptop, founded an online gaming platform Garena, successfully accumulated a pot of gold. has undoubtedly changed people’s life, and Chen Ou also hope that more people can change through their own experience, with more positive energy for them". I hope that more young people can participate in the venture to work together to fight, to create value. Like today’s United States together, every day millions of users to gather together to buy things, to bring people’s lives more

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