The two team is how to get a slice of the competition

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entrepreneurship is not easy, but it seems that the more difficult the young people want to try. To prove one’s ability. I am one of them. I am 90, after the completion of the professional school behoove entered a society to find a job. Low wages, poor employment environment, the future development of confusion. But there is no way to experience their own can only bear. Just a few years on the muddleheaded class, until last year I think can’t go on like this. I want to change. So he decided to make a small partner with my little two individuals to invest money to start a network company.

Why did

set up a network company. Because I was learning web design, coupled with my work and before the network is also closely linked, just think he is the first person in Hefei SEO, so the Internet companies eyeing. We are ready for the preparation, the next is to think about how to take orders.

has to say that the Internet companies in Hefei are really many. You do not enter this industry has entered the industry you will find this corner of a network company, the corner of a network company. But since the choice do not retreat, we are not much savings, plus office also need to register company to find the office, so the active money to cast out, there is no room for regret.

it’s been a year since we got two people together. Honestly, we didn’t make any money this year. It can be said that the cost has not been removed before I go to work, but also did not die, or a customer. Next, I will talk about how the two of our team survived under the competition of so many Internet companies.

first point: old customers. Because we have done before the relevant industry is also accumulated some old customers. In the early days of our initial advertising did not play out when the old customers can only maintain good. This is what we do, the list of old customers are also for us to do, and did not lose. But also from time to time to introduce our customers.

second points: the use of the platform to promote their own. At the beginning of the business, we have confidence in ourselves. Feel that their web site keywords can quickly enter the home page and then bring us customers, and later proved that our ideas are not in line with the actual. Because a lot of network companies in the optimization of the competition can be brought out. We can only release information through the 58 market etc.. Because now in the 58 market to do business so we publish information browsing is extremely low, traffic is very low due to the low rate of consultation. Then we take the initiative, the use of the platform to see whether there is a need to optimize or build the site of the enterprise. Later, our website ranking gradually come up through the website consulting our products and services customers also gradually more up.

third points: salesman image. When we agreed to go to the company to negotiate business with the customer, we did our best. We always think that the first impression of a company is very important. If a person is wearing

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