Black brother lecture how to find a suitable Wangzhuan mode

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website profit problems, I think is the most concerned about the issue of each webmaster, most of the webmaster do stand is to make money, and even some people do stand as their cause. Today the black brother talk about webmaster friends how to find a suitable network model to make money.

first of all, we talk about the current website of the three main profit model.

is the first to rely on advertising as the main way of profit

such sites want to make money, must have good traffic support, good promotion and site optimization in more suitable for operation of this kind of website, the disadvantage is less income, unstable, traffic sources mainly rely on search engines.

such as download class, entertainment, games, film and television music website.

with a strike at the end of 2009, this kind of website basically no living space, here to remind an entry-level webmaster, away from this kind of website types.

second is to sell the product based website or shop

these sites do not require very high traffic, only need high quality flow can earn money, income is considerable, and is also the most promising future to make money online, for a certain product advantage webmaster operation.

, such as specialized to sell some of the local specialty, the local more distinctive products, as long as there is price advantage, channel advantages are good choices.

third is a service based profit model

this kind of site is mainly to provide a specific user groups to charge services, such as consultants, engage in training, receive VIP members, to provide technical services and other ways to profit. Characterized by low cost, income is also very impressive. Suitable for a certain skill advantages of the webmaster operation. For example, SEO entrepreneurial base belongs to the training services for profit forum.

tip: This article from the original black brother founded the SEO entrepreneurial base, please retain the copyright information.

one, suitable for individual owners of several mainstream money model

1, website, engage in traffic, advertising

The first step of

: set up the site using the CMS system (such as free moving easily, such as


second step: use a variety of ways to promote the site (such as SEO, soft Wen, BBS, QQ group, etc.)

third step: put advertising alliance to make money (such as Google, Baidu Union, Ali mother, etc.)

reminder: this way to make money more and more difficult, more and more unstable, but also more and more prospects.

2, shop, selling goods

first: they have goods

· funded

can be outsourced to a professional marketing company to help you make a website, do a good job site SEO.

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